Aby-a-Day – July 30: Things that go “bump” (and also “crash” and “bang”) in the night

Living with Abys turns you into a detective, a forensic scientist, and a very light sleeper. The other night, we’d all gone to bed and the house was dark and quiet when I heard a


from the general direction of the kitchen. It sounded plastic, rather than glass, so I wasn’t really alarmed. I reckoned it was just the plastic measuring cup we keep on the counter. But the sound continued, evolving into more of a BANGing, and sounding as though it was migrating from the kitchen towards the bedroom. Muttering words beginning with the letters W, T, and F, I got up to investigate and found this:


Jacoby and Tessie went to the groomer’s this past Sunday, makes their own treats, including granulated chicken powder for sprinkling on top of food. I picked one up and tried it on their canned food Sunday and Monday nights, but they didn’t seem to be overly excited by it, so I skipped it the next couple of nights. And that’s what was being used by a hockey puck across the floors of our apartment.


I have to apologise for the lack of photo quality on these; I couldn’t find a flashlight, so I used the flashlight app on my phone…which is actually a good thing, since if I’d actually had the flashlight there wouldn’t be any photographic evidence of this at all (and this becomes important later).


The culprit was Jacoby, of course. (Who else could it possibly have been?) Doesn’t he seem proud of his accomplishment?


I picked up the shaker container and put it back in the kitchen, carefully securing it in the little box we keep all the cat food additives and supplements in. Then I went back to bed.

In the morning I’m getting ready for work when I hear my husband say, “What is all this powder all over the place!? What happened?” And when I go to look, I see what he’s talking about; the shaker was back in the entryway, having somehow been separated from its cap, which was on the living room rug. The little wooden box had been knocked off of the counter and its contents were scattered all over the kitchen floor. And granulated chicken powder was everywhere!


“Why didn’t you make sure the lid was on tight?” my husband asked me. “I DID!” I retorted. “In fact, I haven’t even opened it for days. I didn’t think they liked this powder that much, so I haven’t used it recently.”

“Then how did it get opened?” was his next question. And it’s a really good one, too. I have no freaking clue how it got opened. The lid on that bottle is a screw-top, and it’s smooth. I have no idea how anyone could open that thing without thumbs. Jake, either alone or with one or more accomplices, must have worked all night long on getting it open. Since there wasn’t any powder in the kitchen, and the lid was in the living room, it didn’t open on impact after being knocked from the counter to the floor.

I really need to set up some kind of motion-activated video camera to solve these sorts of mysteries.

4 thoughts on “Aby-a-Day – July 30: Things that go “bump” (and also “crash” and “bang”) in the night

  1. This is hilarious. I sleep with foam earplugs and an air purifier on, and the kitchen is on the other side of the apartment, so I generally don’t hear things overnight. One time I had a tray of mini corn muffins, I think maybe 6 of them left, and I stupidly forgot to put them away. When I got up in the morning, there was a muffin massacre. Another time, they got into a box of spaghetti I left out (which is confusing because it’s not like it really smells…I guess they knocked it off the counter and the sound it made enticed them). I was finding tiny little spaghetti fragments for DAYS afterwards! The culprits are most likely Cheeto as the mastermind, with Penny as an accomplice, but I know my angelic little Seyhi would NOT be involved in such childish behaviors! She probably looked on and said “morons, mom is gonna be mad at you in the morning!”


    1. LOL I can just see it!
      Jake is getting more devious, too. We got a new bag of Blue Wilderness, and I put it into an empty litter bucket til we could put it away. Well…it didn’t quite fit in there, but I figured it wouldn’t be out for that long before it got put away…well, I was wrong. And apparently Jake has been practicing, because he was about halfway through that foil/plastic bag in a couple of minutes – he is getting crazy fast at this gnawing into bags thing!

      Gun-Hee and Kylie used to work together to break into treat bags…but Gun-Hee was two pounds smaller than Jake is. I don’t think Jake needs any help to wreak his havoc!


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