Abys in Need – Update on Ali

You may recall that back in May I posted about Ali the Red Aby, who was being fostered by Angel’s rescue, Purebreds Plus. Well, it turns out she shares Angel’s eye troubles, as this story is currently on their home page:

Please Help Us With Ali’s Medical Costs
Ali is a lovely 5½ year old Red Abyssinian female. She came into rescue in April. Her foster mom noticed that she had very watery eyes and started her on L-Lysine. But Ali was a very nervous girl and upset by the changes in her life and in June her eyes flared up. A trip to the eye vet diagnosed 6 ulcers on one eye and an older ulcer on the other. It was obvious that she had flareups prior to being surrended to us but they were not medically managed and that is why her eyes are not the normal Abyssinian oval shape. We do know she has the feline herpes virus. Ali needs sponsorship for a PCR test, her medicines and medical appointments which are scheduled every 2-3 weeks. Even on the medicines her ulcers are not under control and she continues to have problems. It is estimated that her treatment over time will run about $1200. Ali will be in rescue for a long while yet and she appreciates any help you can give her.


Poor girl! She’s just a bit older than Angel, and as I said before, I would not be at all surprised if she and Angel aren’t related – they certainly do look alike! I am quite familiar with Feline Herpes Virus flare-ups; even with daily doses of L-Lysine, Angel’s remaining eye is still quite runny, and we have to watch it closely to make sure she doesn’t have any complications as she gets older.

If you want to help, there’s a Paypal link on Purebreds Plus’ home page.

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