Aby-a-Day – August 7: Sanguine, but not silver

I have a lot to report from today’s CFA show, but I am just knackered. I’m barely awake enough to type…but


Jacoby won two Best Allbreed Premier and Best Shorthair Premier rosettes, from judges Barbara Sumner and Roger Lawson. Roger is from Ontario, and after Jake’s win in Roger’s ring (which was his first), I went up and thanked him and said, “He’s Canadian, too.”

And he smiled and said, “I know. I know where he came from, just by looking at him.” Turns out, Roger has four Abys of his own, “will never live witout and Aby,” and Jake reminded him of his Aby Gomer. I gave him one of my blog cards, too, so maybe he’ll start reading!