Aby-a-Day – August 18: A ride on the Red Line

Sunday, Jake and I ran some errands in Somerville and Cambridge, which required us to take the T. I took some photos (of course), and I thought they nicely summed up what it’s like to ride the T with Jacoby.


Waiting for the Alewife-bound train to arrive.


Jake loves to look out the window…


…and comment on what he sees.


It’s funny when someone on the platform notices Jake.


The best part of the train ride is when it goes above-ground to cross the Charles River.


We were on the “Cambridge side” of the train this time.


On the way back, Jake got bored with sitting in his stroller and walked around the inside of the train.


He seemed to resent this door for not opening…


He’s quite sure-footed on the moving train.


People are always captivated by Jake when we’re on the train.


Jake went to collect some pets from this woman. I think those two guys wished his leash were longer. Interesting thing about taking Jake out, actually: men seem to react to him more than women do. I know, you’d think women would be all, “oooooh! Kitty!” and there are plenty of those, but men just seem to gravitate towards him. I guess he’s a “masculine” cat, or he’s “cool” or something, but somehow it’s “okay” for guys to come and check him out.

2 thoughts on “Aby-a-Day – August 18: A ride on the Red Line

  1. I noticed that with Louis and Rosie as well! Guys gravitate more to the cats than women. Maybe it is the “neat” factor. Women are probably more likely to think “crazy cat lady” and guys think “cool! A cat on a leash!”


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