Aby-a-Day – September 1: Friends from the old neighbourhood

When Tessie, Kylie and Angel went to the vet on Tuesday, Jacoby was left home all by himself all day. I don’t think he has ever been totally alone for any length of time before in his life.


So as you can imagine, he was pretty thrilled when we all came home. I wish I had a webcam or some sort of motion-activated video camera so I could know what he did all day! However, I had today off, and I needed to run some errands, so I took Jake along with me.


We happened to walk up the street I used to live on in Somerville, and to my delight, we saw an old friend! Angelina is a lovely black smoke and white mediumhair girl who I first met as a kitten in 2005. She is just the same age as Kylie, and she’s a real firecracker. My favourite memory of Angelina is one evening when I was walking home, and she ran up to me and dropped a mouse in front of me. It was still alive, and she looked so proud of herself! I praised her, of course, and continued homeward. That wasn’t good enough for Angelina, though. She picked up that mouse, ran as fast as she could to get in front of me, dropped the (rather dazed) mouse back down on the sidewalk, looked at me to make certain I saw it, and then caught it again. She then stood there with the mouse in her mouth and waited for me to lavish praise upon her.

Needless to say, I was overjoyed to see her again today. Jake…well, he was polite and didn’t hiss or spit at her, so that was good.


Angelina lives with a lovely sealpoint-and-white longhair named Hugo. He’s a great big lump of affection. It was good to see him again, too.