Aby-a-Day – September 4: All in the Family

I keep all our cats’ medical records in a slick pet organizer, and after the big trip to the vet on Tuesday I was putting away all the paperwork when I happened to notice something in Tessie’s details that I hadn’t noticed before.


When I first adopted her back in 2005, I printed out most of her breeder’s website and saved all the hard copies as part of Tessie’s file. But I’d never noticed this before:

My first litter of 1st Generation Asians were born March 6. 1999. There were 2 Chocolate Ticked Silver Tabby boys and 1 Chocolate Ticked Tabby girl and 1 Black Ticked Tabby girl. The mating was a Chocolate European Burmese and a Black Silver Aby

Wait, what? A Black Silver Abyssinian? The page continues: These are some photos of my 1st Generation Asian Kittens that were born on 6 March 1999. There is 1 Chocolate Ticked Tabby girl (Gabrielle), 2 Chocolate Ticked Silver Tabby boys and 1 Black Ticked Tabby girl (Xena).


Those kittens do look a little Aby-ish, don’t they? Bes Gabrielle is the little girl on the far left, and she’s Tessie’s paternal great-grandmother.Gabrielle’s parents were named Satukissan Veratrum Album of Bes and Bijouxcats Krystal SheerRose of Bes; Bijouxcats breeds European Burmese, but Satukissan is a Finnish Aby cattery.

Having discovered that Tessie’s Great Great Grandfather (who sired both Tessie’s paternal Great Grandfather and Great Grandmother) was, in fact, a Finnish Abyssinian, I got curious about the backgrounds of Tessie’s other great-greats, so I decided to see what I could find out about them. So here is the rest of Tessie’s great-great grandparents:

Bes Bargo’s Imp was a Chocolate Euopean Burmese and one of Tessie’s paternal Great Great Grandmothers. Her mate was also the Aby, Satukissan Veratrum Album of Bes.

Shai-San-War’s Hassan was also a Chocolate EuroBurm, and a paternal Great Great Grandfather. His mate was Kikirikis Evalina Eloise, a Blue-Cream Tortie EuroBurm.

Here’s where it gets interesting, though. One of Tessie’s paternal Great Grandmothers, Gabrielle, was half Abyssinian. But her other paternal Great Grandmother, Udun Enchantica Electra of Bes, appears to be pure Abyssinian! She is listed as a Cinnamon/Sorrel Silver Aby, and her parents were Udun Silver Descansado, a Finnish black silver Aby, and Yade’s Dewele, a Finnish sorrel Aby.

On Tessie’s maternal side, she is all European Burmese with two cats from Chi-Lang cattery, Rothrose Jamie, Tuatahi Practically Perfect, Avon Champinoise and Ilgatto catteries, with one Persian from Armani cattery.

Another interesting thing I found is that Ilgatto cats seem to have also been used in breeding LaPerms, a type of Rex.


But wait, I know what you’re thinking…”This is the Daily Abyssinian, so why all the attention to European Burmese, Asians, Tiffanies, Persians and LaPerms? Well…as I have said in the past, ERoS (the Electronic Registry of Somalis) is a marvelous thing. Satukissan has a couple of Abys, Satukissan Saga and Satukissan Minna, apparently littermates, whose paternal Great-Grandparents are Bastis Rusty Nail of Catknapp and Bastis Janet Planet. One of Jacoby’s paternal Great-Great Grandfathers was Jannalou’s Talisman.

Talisman’s Great Great Grandfather was Udjat’s Anubis, whose grandfather was Bastis Prodigal Son…Whose father was Bastis Daily Planet of Catknapp. Whose parents were…Bastis Rusty Nail of Catknapp! I don’t know if Tessie’s Satukissan ancestor was related to Bastis, but Jake’s mother’s pedigree definitely connects to Satukissan.

Until I happened to notice that page in Tessie’s paperwork, I was not aware that Abyssinians were used in the breeding of Asians, Burmillas and Tiffanies, so I find this all very fascinating.

One more intriguing discovery: Satukissan also bred Somalis! So, Sparkle, you and Tessie might be distant cousins!


Looking at Tessie and Angel together, it’s hard to believe that she’s only three generations removed from being an Abyssinian. Her head, her body, her bone structure and even her thick double coat, is completely Asian/European Burmese/Burmilla.


But there’s a little Abyssinian in her genetic makeup, too.