Aby-a-Day – September 9: Dress for the job you want (Fashion Friday)

After Jacoby was so solicitious after my nerve surgery, I thought it would be kind of cute to get Jake a little surgeon’s outfit.


As you know, Jake is SUCH a camera-hogging poser; of course he loved it.


The little hat made his ears go sideways, though.


I know there are those who say it’s wrong to dress cats, but in Jake’s case I really cannot agree with that…


…you can see he’s miserable, can’t you?

Raincoats, Maru? Really? Raincoats are so four months ago (Bonus Fashion Friday)

Catsparella posted about Maru, the famous Japanese cat who loves boxes, wearing a raincoat.

Jacoby actually scooped Maru on that one, as all you Aby Friends know. Jake wears his raincoat all the time when it’s rainy outside!


Maybe someday Jake will be as famous as Maru…