Aby-a-Day – September 10: Somalis aren’t just pirates in Africa

What a long day!


We got to the show hall – the gymnasium at Grasso Technical High School in Groton, CT – at 8am, and went pretty much non-stop until the show ended around 4:30.


But it was a good day. I was disappointed because all of the other Abys were absent. I was looking forward to Jake being judged with others of his breed. Still, as I Tweeted today, Jacoby earned a Best Shorthair Premier ribbon and a 9th Best Cat in Premiership ribbon in Specialty judge Russell Webb’s ring. The Best Shorthair Premier is judged solely against the other Premiers in the show, not the Opens or Grand Premiers. The 9th Best Cat in Premiership, however, is against all the cats showing as Premiers, including the Opens and the Grands. This was only against the other Shorthairs, as this was the Specialty ring; in Allbreed rings, both Longhairs and Shorthairs are judged.


As I posted the other day, Somalis, despite having long hair, are considered Shorthairs in the CFA, and I got to meet the distinguished Kimbelot’s Toberone, aka Toby. He’s a Grand Premier, and such a sweetheart!


Look at him kneading the air! I was rather pleased to see he is about the same size as Jake; good to know that there are other cats his size out there who aren’t Maine Coons!


In other rings, Jake was awarded 2nd Best Shorthair Premier and 9th Best Cat in Premiership in Iris Zinck’s ring, and 2nd Best Shorthair Premier and 2nd Best Allbreed Premier in Gene Darrah’s ring. Gene actually approached me as I was putting Jake into his show cage and said, “You realise that you have the honour of having the only Abyssinian in the show today?” I said yes, but pointed out that there was a Somali, and he replied, “Yes, but that’s not an Aby.” Then I said that I was disappointed because there were supposed to be two other Aby Premiers in the show, and I had been looking forward to seeing them. It was really interesting to have a judge talk to me like that before judging my cat.


Kylie did well, too, in the Household Pet rings: She earned a Best HHP in Iris Zinck’s ring, a Second Best HHP in Vicki Abelson’s ring, and three Third Best HHP ribbons.


She’s becoming a little diva on the judge’s table, and her show presence is growing with each ring. She even stretched up to claw the scratching post!


She was completely wiped out when we got home, though! And we have five more rings tomorrow!