Aby-a-Day – September 12: Scenes from a cat show (Hipstamatic Monday)

I had the bright idea to take photos of this weekend’s cat show using Hipstamatic.

hipstajake hotel077

I always randomise the film, lens and flash (if I use one), so I never know what I’m going to get.

hipstajake catshowIMG083

I think some of the images I get are truly lovely.

hipstajake catshowIMG085

This photo, I think, captures the buzz of activity at a cat show neatly in a little square frame.

hipstajake catshowIMG090

While this one, which uses the same “Dali” lens, is just kind of…weird.

hipstajake catshowIMG093

I’m not sure how I get the selective blurring, but I like it.

hipstajake catshowIMG 098

While they are super-busy, cat shows also involve a good deal of sitting and waiting for your number to be requested.

hipstajake catshowIMG099

You have to be patient, yet ready for action.

hipstajake catshowIMG100

The quiet times are good, though. They give you a chance to reflect.

hipstajake catshowIMG102

And to practice your charm and people skills!