Aby-a-Day – September 13: Who knew the cat fancy involved higher math?

People ask me how Jacoby did at the cat show, and I…actually am not sure.
It’s kind of complicated.


It used to be an Open needed to collect 6 Winners Ribbons to become a Premier or Champion, but now they just need to compete in 6 rings (this rule changed effective May 1, so Jake went through the Winners Ribbon collection process at the Milford show in February). Once they become a Champion or Premier, they start working towards their Grand.


The points are earned depending on how many Champions or Premiers the cat defeats – one point per defeated cat – and they’re only competing against the other Champions/Premiers, not the Opens and not the Grands.


So, this was a small show for Premiers; there were 8 SH (shorthairs) and 10 Allbreed (SH and LH), so the best a cat could do was 7 points for Best SH Premier or 9 points for Best Allbreed Premier (this was a kind of freakishly weird show: there were only four Longhair Cats in Premiership benched at this show, and none of them were Persians! There were three Maine Coons and a Siberian. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so few longhair cats in a class at a show before).


Jake got Best SH Premier from two different judges this weekend. He also got two 2nd Best Allbreed Premier, three or four 2nd Best SH Premier (can’t remember), and three 9th Best Cat in Premiership – now, those are cool, because the Top 10 is among ALL the Premiers – Opens, Premiers and Grand Premiers. BUT…you only earn points from the highest award in each ring. So, the most a cat could earn in any one ring was 9 points this weekend, and to do that he or she would need to win the Best Allbreed Premier.

The 2nd Best ribbons earn 90% of the points the Best ribbons earn, so this weekend it worked out to 6.3 points for 2nd Best SH Premier and 8.1 points for 2nd Best Allbreed Premier. He placed in 3 out of 5 finals each day; this was a 10-ring, two day show, and he finaled in 6 rings.


So…I think he earned 8 + 6.3 + 8.1 = 22.4 points each day, for a total of 44.8 points for both days. As I understand it, they do round up. At his first show, last month in Mansfield, he earned 24 points, so if I have this right, he now has 66.8 points. To become a Grand Premier, a cat needs 75 points, so he’s very nearly there!


Having been an art major in college, I am not so hot at math, but there a thing on the CFA website called Herman that tells you how many points your cat has; it’s updated every Thursday, so I’ll know for certain then 🙂


Or, to TL;DR: He did pretty well! 😀

It’s time for everybody’s favourite game…Is It An Aby?

Yesterday, I Can Has Cheezburger featured the following LOLcat:

It’s kind of hard to tell, but I’m pretty certain that this is a young Abyssinian, probably a fawn or a red. What do you think?