Aby-a-Day – September 17: There aren’t any pedestals handy, but will a shelf do?

Jacoby has a cold. It doesn’t seem to be a bad one; he’s sniffling and sneezing, but his breathing seems fine and his eyes and ears don’t seem to be involved. He just started a course of Clavamox today, and I have no doubt he’ll be back to normal in no time.

It’s tempting to say that he picked up a bug at the cat show, but I really don’t think he did. One, the judges are very careful to spray a disinfectant on their hands and judging table between each cat, and the cages in the ring are thoroughly wiped down between cats as well. And Jake’s immune system is also stronger than many show cats, because he goes out around Boston and rides the T with me. I have also been having some congestion, so what I think has affected us in the air conditioning in our hotel room. I wonder if there wasn’t some kind of microbe or mold spore in the filter that got to us?


If it was the AC unit (and there’s no real way of knowing if it was, of course) it’s nothing the Clavamox can’t handle. And I don’t think that it means that hotels should be avoided in future. And I think Jake will be quite happy to hear that; he just discovered the super-fun clothes-hanging shelf on Sunday morning while we were getting ready and he loved the view up there! We’re actually planning on going to another show in the same location Halloween weekend, so he’ll get another chance to check out that shelf…without needing to run the air conditioner!