Aby-a-Day – September 20: What, did you spring a leak?

Ever since Jacoby came home from the vet on Sunday, Angel’s been hissing at him.


He can be simply walking in her vicinity, minding his own business and totally ignoring her, and she’ll just sit there and hiss.


She even follows him around so she can hiss at him some more.


We think Angel’s hissing at Jake because he smells differently, either from visiting the vet or from his medications…but he’s been to the vet lots of times in the past, and he’s been on medications before – he’s even been on these exact same medications before!


But all of a sudden…Pahhhh! Pahhhhhhh! I don’t get it.

Do Lou’s Diabetes Blog

I was referring someone to one of my favourite websites, Retired Friends (I found both Tessie and Patrick through this site, Trick in 1997 and Tess in 2005), and I just couldn’t resist checking out the Abyssinians. I read about an available special needs kitty, a fawn Aby called Moses with bad knees, and I went to his breeder’s website, where I discovered a link to her blue Aby Do Lou’s Diabetes Blog. I always tell people it seems like Abys have more blogs than other cats, and look! Here’s another one. Do Lou, aka Red Ferne‘s Judah Ben-Hur, was diagnosed with diabetes in 2009, and seems to be doing well. He also dresses up!

But most of all, I was quite taken by this photo of Do Lou in a bomber jacket…doesn’t it remind you of Jacoby in his fighter plane?

I didn’t have any blue Abys in my blog roll yet…