Aby-a-Day – September 20: What, did you spring a leak?

Ever since Jacoby came home from the vet on Sunday, Angel’s been hissing at him.


He can be simply walking in her vicinity, minding his own business and totally ignoring her, and she’ll just sit there and hiss.


She even follows him around so she can hiss at him some more.


We think Angel’s hissing at Jake because he smells differently, either from visiting the vet or from his medications…but he’s been to the vet lots of times in the past, and he’s been on medications before – he’s even been on these exact same medications before!


But all of a sudden…Pahhhh! Pahhhhhhh! I don’t get it.

6 thoughts on “Aby-a-Day – September 20: What, did you spring a leak?

  1. That’s something I hear from clients a lot. Not quite sure why it would be any different this time than the other times… maybe the clinic smelled different somehow. Different cleaners or something. However, it could also be how he’s feeling and acting. Cats are really good at picking up on when another is injured or sick or not acting right. It might be an ingrained defense mechanism to avoid animals that might be sick and potentially spread disease.

    It’s hard to imagine what goes through cats’ brains sometimes. I’m willing to bet she’ll get over it in a week.


    1. What’s so odd about it is, she didn’t even hiss at him when he was a new kitten! I’d heard of that phenomenon, but I’ve never actually had cats hiss at other cats when they’ve been to the vet.

      And Jake, he goes out all the time – to nursing homes, cat shows, just riding the T around town – and picks up unfamiliar scents…and it’s just never happened before. Weird.


  2. Siren does that, even when she’s the one who went! And will hiss at the other cat after she’s been outside. No clue why.


  3. Marvin did that last time I took Newman to the vet, only his biggest issue was with the cat carrier. I set it down just inside the door to let Newman out and I didn’t get around to putting it away…every time he wanted to go to the door he’d take the widest path around the carrier as possible, hissing and growling at it the whole time. He’s never acted that way before. He was also really on edge around all the other cats, even Lionel, who he usually ignores completely. It was really weird, it lasted about a week and then it was over. *shrug*


    1. This is really odd…and it’s been since Sunday, with no signs of stopping.
      What makes it extra dramatic is that, because of Angel’s hissing and general upsetness with Jake, it sets Tessie off, and she starts stalking and bullying Angel. So we have Jake, basically bopping around like a typical boycat, oblivious and sneezing his head off, and Angel’s following him around spewing epithets, and then Tessie’s following her and beating her up when she’s not expecting it, because she’s so focused on Jake…

      …and then Kylie’s off in her own little world, keeping out of the whole mess! I really should do a sketch; it’s like one of those lines of fish, the bigger ones eating the littler ones.


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