Aby-a-Day – September 21: Wordless Wednesday (How DARE I pet someone else!)


Meet Chandra

While we were at the cat show, I took a break to go look at the display of rescue kitties up for adoption that was set up in the foyer.


All the active, lively, cute kittens were up front, working the crowd and charming everyone, but I went around the back to visit the older cats, the ones that tend not to draw as much attention, and I saw Chandra.


Poor girl seemed completely overwhelmed and a bit terrified…and she was a very unusual ticked tortoisehell – essentially, a non-purebred Abyssinian-type torbie! There are tortie Abys, but they’re mainly bred in Europe (along with the silver Abys) and aren’t recognised here in the State.

This is Chandra’s story:
DOB 8/18/2010
Hi, I’m Chandra, and you could say I have a sad story to tell. I was found by the good people of the rescue with my three kittens outside in the rain with no dry accommodations. They took us in and it was a good thing they did. I ended up with terrible mastitis and couldn’t feed my babies. I’m very healthy now and my babies are being fostered. I’d like to tell you that I’m a very petite girl who is just a love. I’m more of the quiet type and am really enjoying getting to know what it means to be petted and loved. I’ve been spayed and am now up to date on all my shots and have tested negative for Feline Aids and Leukemia. If interested, please contact compassion4catsNLC@comcast.net or call (860) 886-5085.


Poor girl! As it happens, her kittens are in the pink cage at the upper right of the first photo. Chandra may or may not be part Aby…but she does look like an Abyssinian, with those big golden eyes and that little white chin.