Aby-a-Day – September 22: Unadoptable is in the eye of the beholder

This week is “Adopt a Less Adoptable Pet Week”, into which category Angel inexplicably falls. For some reason, people just don’t want to adopt one-eyed kitties, even when they’re purebred Abyssinians. As her foster mom told me, “People are funny about (missing) eyes. Either it doesn’t bother them, or they just can’t handle it.”


Angel is a rescue, and because of her history she does have some quirks (like occasionally peeing on piles of fabric left on the floor) and idiosyncrasies that perhaps some cat owners wouldn’t want to deal with, but let me assure you, the fact that she has only one eye has nothing to do with her being a good kittypet.


And even though Jacoby tends to hog the spotlight around here, Angel would like to remind all of our readers that she is alive and well. She just doesn’t do these cat show thingies, and she’s perfectly happy staying home. Besides, let’s face it, Jake can be a bit of a drama king.


Let it never be said that Angel is not talented: here is her impression of Wayne Gretzky on the ice when an enforcer is heading his way and the referee happens to be looking in his direction. Pretty good, eh?


So don’t worry about Angel…she is just spending some quality time with Tessie while Jake and Kylie go to the shows.


Well…okay, maybe Angel’s not completely thrilled about that last one.

7 thoughts on “Aby-a-Day – September 22: Unadoptable is in the eye of the beholder

  1. I love how Angel looks! Tough and badass but still beautiful. The peeing on piles of fabric left on the ground would be a bit of an issue with me though. Because I sew so much, there are a lot of piles of fabric left on the ground! And I don’t have a laundry machine in the house


    1. She doesn’t do it often…but it’s happened more than once. And the fleece blankets that used to be in the showcage are a particular favourite. She tends to do it when she’s especially upset by something. She hasn’t done it in over a month, and it’s usually done on piles of clothes that are about to be washed.

      She also likes to pee on the IKEA sheepskin rugs, but not the cowhide rug in the livingroom or on any other furry surface.

      I think it’s because she’s scared of being trapped in the litter box or ambushed on her way out. I think, too, that she does it sometimes when someone else is in the litter box when she wants to go. We have two, but she will only use one of them. She’s scared to use the other one.


  2. After I lose my 3 kitties (I hate that thought!) it’s my intention to adopt 2 older cats that are siblings. When I volunteered at the local PetSmart, looking after the adoptable cats, it always broke my heart whenever older siblings were up for adoption. I never knew if they ended up going together. Older cats are less likely to be adopted anyway, and a pair of them even less likely.


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