Aby-a-Day – September 24: Homeward Bound

After the cat show two weeks ago, Jacoby had had enough of being enclosed. He was also tired of being carried. He wanted to walk and he wanted to see things, dammit!


I know that it’s not the super-safest thing to do, any more than it’s okay to ride with a toddler on your lap, but it was either let him sit with me in the front seat, or hear about it from the backseat the entire 100+ miles home.


I kept him on a short leash so that he wouldn’t bother my husband while he was driving, and as you can see, he was quite happy to watch the scenery go by.


We don’t take very many car trips; living in the city, we tend to take public transportation more often.


He was a very good passenger, too. He also rode in the backseat for a while, but he decided the view was better sitting shotgun.

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