Aby-a-Day – September 26: Riding the rails (Hipstamatic Monday)

Most of the cat shows we go to are beyond the reach of public transportation, so we have to drive. However, since my husband works out in the suburbs, I usually take the Commuter Rail with the cats and meet him out there; that way, he doesn’t have to backtrack in and out of the city on a Friday evening, and we get to have a little adventure.

hipstajake MBTAIMG063

Kylie’s not a huge fan of the train, but she’s happy as long as she’s in the carrier.

hipstajake MBTAIMG070

Jacoby, on the other hand, loves to ride the train…

hipstajake MBTAIMG067

…as long as he’s not in the carrier!

hipstajake MBTAIMG065

He absolutely loves looking out the windows. Other passengers were amazed at how quiet and relaxed he was once the train started moving and there was scenery to watch.

hipstajake MBTAIMG066

I think he actually prefers the Commuter Rail to the subway. It’s faster and the view out the window is better.

Also…I think one of the photos on Hipstamaticat today is an Abyssinian…If so, bonus!

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