Photographing Abyssinians

I was looking for something (I am always looking for something) online and I came across this fascinating story of a professional photographer’s photo shoot with a group of Abyssinians. Not only are there some great photos, but her non-cat-person point of view is really interesting to read.


The photographs taken were for a New Zealand veterinary magazine called “Two Cats, One Dog,” and the issue with article about Abys isn’t available yet as it’s going to be in the Autumn 2001 edition. All issues of the magazine are available online for free, as long as you register with the website. Of course, I’ll be checking back to see when the article – and the photos! – are available. I can’t wait!

4 thoughts on “Photographing Abyssinians

    1. To be fair, I’m not sure of the breeding pool in Australia and New Zealand. I know that on ERoS, they show the cats’ nationalities, and you’ll see cats from Australia and/or New Zealand (to be honest, the flags are really similar, and I never studied the tiny little flags on the pedigrees that closely), but not nearly as often as you see Canadian, British and American cats.

      But considering the flight and the fact that the closest places to Australia and New Zealand are places like India (which may be a hot bed of Abyssinian breeding, I don’t know), I wonder how diverse the (admittedly already pretty small with Abys) gene pool is Down Under. Hm…interesting thing to think about. Wonder if anyone’s studied that?


  1. My human recently interviewed a couple of breeders for a magazine called Cats USA, and they asked her to take some photos while she was at it. One of them was an Aby breeder and she said that photographing those kittens was like photographing monkeys! She was thinking of putting some of the pics on my blog, but hasn’t yet.

    BTW, yes, my human does have the cat painting app, but none of us has really made much of anything with it – a couple of splotches at the most. Jake, however, will probably turn out masterpiece after masterpiece!


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