TokiPoki has some Abyssinian members now!

Jacoby and Angel now have memberships at TokiPoki! They chose the main photos from the ones I sent them…I guess someone is a Packers fan. Of course, Kylie and Tessie have profiles, too.

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Aby-a-Day – September 29: Farewell, summer

Baseball season is over, Sunday is runined dominated by football, and the carcasses of dead leaves litter the ground. Autumn is here, it seems. And once it falls, winter is never far behind.


I am sad that summer is over; because of my surgery and the nerve in my hip, I haven’t been able to walk as much as I usually do, and Jacoby and I weren’t able to have as many adventures as we should have.


Not, of course, that we can’t still go out now that it’s October, but we do live in New England and with every day that passes, we have to bundle up a little bit more. It’s not as easy to go out in the cold as it is to go out in warm weather.


And you can’t just lounge on the grass, basking in the sunshine on a lazy afternoon when the sun is already starting to set at 3pm.


Ah, well. As we like to say in Boston (and we seem to have to say it a lot), there’s always next year.

About last night…

Daniel Bard was quoted as saying: “You could point a finger at every guy in this locker room — maybe not Jacoby [Ellsbury], he pretty much did everything he could — but every guy in this locker room could have won one more game for us. I could have won a few more, I know that for a fact. It’s a team game, and we had a lot of stuff go wrong for whatever reason.”


It’s okay, Jake, you can come out…you were named after the one guy who DIDN’T impersonate a vacuum cleaner.