Live Aby Kitten Cam!

I really don’t know why it took me so long to discover this! Jake’s cousin, Toki, is from Ataraxia cattery, and on their website they feature…

…wait for it…

a live Abyssinian kitten cam!

Video streaming by UstreamI wouldn’t recommend watching this unless you have absolutely no pressing plans for the rest of the day…

Aby-a-Day – September 17: There aren’t any pedestals handy, but will a shelf do?

Jacoby has a cold. It doesn’t seem to be a bad one; he’s sniffling and sneezing, but his breathing seems fine and his eyes and ears don’t seem to be involved. He just started a course of Clavamox today, and I have no doubt he’ll be back to normal in no time.

It’s tempting to say that he picked up a bug at the cat show, but I really don’t think he did. One, the judges are very careful to spray a disinfectant on their hands and judging table between each cat, and the cages in the ring are thoroughly wiped down between cats as well. And Jake’s immune system is also stronger than many show cats, because he goes out around Boston and rides the T with me. I have also been having some congestion, so what I think has affected us in the air conditioning in our hotel room. I wonder if there wasn’t some kind of microbe or mold spore in the filter that got to us?


If it was the AC unit (and there’s no real way of knowing if it was, of course) it’s nothing the Clavamox can’t handle. And I don’t think that it means that hotels should be avoided in future. And I think Jake will be quite happy to hear that; he just discovered the super-fun clothes-hanging shelf on Sunday morning while we were getting ready and he loved the view up there! We’re actually planning on going to another show in the same location Halloween weekend, so he’ll get another chance to check out that shelf…without needing to run the air conditioner!

Aby-a-Day – September 16: Gun-Hee would have been 5 years old today (Fashion Friday)

Gun-Hee, Jacoby’s half brother and my first Aby who died from FIP, would have been 5 years old today.


He used to wear coats, too. Just like his brother Jake. Gun-Hee was born 3 years before Jake was born, but I still think of him as Jake’s little brother. This is partly because he died before he was as old as Jake is now, and partly because at his heaviest, he weighed 2 lbs less than Jake does.


He went on walks to the park with me, too, just like Jacoby does. We even go to the same parks.


I miss him every day.

Aby-a-Day – September 15: Are Jacoby and Sparkle Related?

After seeing a Somali up close and personal, it’s very easy to see that they are essentially Abyssinians with a long coat. And as I’ve often said, almost every Abyssinian is related to every other Abyssinian, if you go back far enough. But what if you took a random Abyssinian, say one from the East Coast, and a random Somali, say, one from California? Could you find a link between them?

(Pr. Pellburn Jacoby Stealin’ Home and G.Pr. Kimelot’s Toberone in Walter Hutzler’s final)

Let’s find out, shall we?

It just so happens that I have a random Abyssinian, our own Pellburn Jacoby Stealin’ Home, born in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada and raised in Boston, Massachusetts, and (forgive me, I don’t know her full name) a random Somali, Tajhara‘s Sparkle, born in Temecula, California, USA.


(Pr. Pellburn Jacoby Stealin’ Home and G.Pr. Kimelot’s Toberone in Walter Hutzler’s final)

On the face of it, these two cats have about as little in common as possible: one’s a boy, one’s a female; one has short hair, one has long hair; and I don’t think there are two points on the continent that are farther apart than Fredericton and Temecula!


Sparkle’s mother was Tajhara’s Tina Turner, and Tina’s maternal great-grandmother (Sparkle’s great-great grandmother) was a red/sorrel Abyssinian named Tajhara’s Firecracker. Firecracker’s paternal great father was a cat called Phaulkon‘s Poetry in Motion, whose father was a cat with a name I recognised: Nepenthes Leo, who was born in March, 1976 and has 17 offspring known to ERoS. Another of Leo’s sons was an Abyssinian named Quin-Jo‘s Gatico, and from Gatico we go to his daughter, Quin-Jo’s Rosita, to her son, Quin-Jo’s Red’n Reddy (a Grand Champion red/sorrel and National winner born in November, 1984), to his son, Robert Red’n Reddy, to his son, Shomra’s Aristotle of Catsylvania, to his daughter, Margarita of Shomra, to her daughter, Shomra’s Tomahto (a red/sorrel), to her son, Shomra’s Right Off the Vine, to his son Ramkatz Ryan New Year (born January 1, 2003)…to Instincts Santa Catalina, Jake’s mother. So on Sparkle’s mother’s side is an Aby who is also on Jake’s mother’s side, meaning that Sparkle the Somali and Jake the Abyssinian are distantly related! That’s not the only link between Sparkle and Jake, either: Another cat, Badfinger’s Bumble Bee of Catknapp, appears in both their pedigrees as well.

(Toby in Russell Webb’s ring)

Sparkle’s father, Tajhara’s Miles Davis, comes from an older line of Somalis than does Sparkle’s mother, but I did find a link eventually. I had to go back to 1962 and Ring’s Abi Sheba of Selene, whose daughter was Ring’s Sheba of Van Dyke. From Sheba, we go → Van Dyke’s Abi Farouk → Van Dyke’s Abi Kariba → Van Dyke’s Abi Ayesha → Van Dyke’s Abi Abdel of Barba → Van Dyke’s Abi Amberina → Van Dyke’s Abi Ashley → Van Dyke’s Lakeshore Missy → Van Dyke’s Abi Antonia of Haro → Haro’s Abi Alpha → Haro’s Ginger Snap of Pellburn…to Jake’s dad, Scar.

Ring’s Abi Sheba of Selene also had a son, Van Dyke’s Abi Abdullah, and from him we go → Alvi’s Amore of Shorehouse (an Aby variant, which I’m not sure but think may mean he had long hair) → Alvi’s Chimo of Lolirand (who is listed as a Somali) → Falconsview Ezekiel of J.R.R. (a Canadian Somali!) → J.R.R.’s Shyboy of Lynn-Lee (a shy Aby, apparently…didn’t know those existed!) → Lynn-Lee’s Desert Fox → Lynn-Lee’s Christmas Cactus of Seguin (born Dec. 24, 1980) → Lynn-Lee’s Strawberry Shortcake (it was the 80’s) → Lynn-Lee’s Firefly → Lynn-Lee Dances With Wolves of Tadofa (born January 1991) → Tadofa Claim Jumper of Gunsmoke → Gunsmoke’s Amaretto of Tajhara, who was Sparkle’s father Miles Davis’ mother.


(Jake and Toby with Walter Hutzler again)

But there you have it: Sparkle and Jake are distantly related on both sides of their families! Man, I love stuff like this.

(Jake in Gene Darrah’s ring)

Sparkle can also trace back to the infamous Grand Champion and Distinguised Merit Abyssinian Bastis Zackariah through Phaulkon’s Poetry in Motion, Firecracker’s paternal great-grandfather. Zackariah is probably the most prolific Abyssinian recorded. He has 73 offspring known to ERoS, and he probably had many, many more kittens than that. Most modern Abys can trace back to him (he’s in Jake’s pedigree as well, on his father’s side), and apparently so can a lot of Somalis!

(Toby with Russell Webb again)

I have actually bought several of the old CFA Yearbooks with feature articles about Somalis and Abyssinians in them and I have a scanning project planned. In these fantastic tomes (and I do mean “tomes;” these things are big and heavy!) are photos of a lot of these cats (or at least cats from the same catteries) whose names you see above. That’s the most fascinating thing to me…you can see these ancestors! I haven’t found a source for these online, apart from Karen Lawrence’s Abyssinian Historical Review (which is an incredible resource). I found photos of two more of Jake’s forefathers, Gr.Ch. and Regional Winner Blybos St. Lawrence of Instincts and Gr.Ch. and National Winner Instincts Klein Bonaire, who are probably also a part of our cousin Ataraxia Nantucket of Instincts (Toki)‘s pedigree!

The Aby world is a small one indeed!

It’s Thursday, and the results are in!

I checked CFA’s Herman Online today, and I had the points figured pretty closely. The partial points do round up or down, but they don’t add.


So, Jacoby has 66 points. 9 more, and he’ll be a Grand Premier. So far this show season (CFA show years run from May 1 – April 30), 13 Abys have Granded, including Jake’s two cousins Lew Zealand and Taz Mania. 67 Abys Granded last show season, including another of Jake’s cousins, Toki Nantucket.

I guess it runs in the family!

Aby-a-Day – September 14: Wordless Wednesday (Classic Match-Up)



Aby-a-Day – September 13: Who knew the cat fancy involved higher math?

People ask me how Jacoby did at the cat show, and I…actually am not sure.
It’s kind of complicated.


It used to be an Open needed to collect 6 Winners Ribbons to become a Premier or Champion, but now they just need to compete in 6 rings (this rule changed effective May 1, so Jake went through the Winners Ribbon collection process at the Milford show in February). Once they become a Champion or Premier, they start working towards their Grand.


The points are earned depending on how many Champions or Premiers the cat defeats – one point per defeated cat – and they’re only competing against the other Champions/Premiers, not the Opens and not the Grands.


So, this was a small show for Premiers; there were 8 SH (shorthairs) and 10 Allbreed (SH and LH), so the best a cat could do was 7 points for Best SH Premier or 9 points for Best Allbreed Premier (this was a kind of freakishly weird show: there were only four Longhair Cats in Premiership benched at this show, and none of them were Persians! There were three Maine Coons and a Siberian. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so few longhair cats in a class at a show before).


Jake got Best SH Premier from two different judges this weekend. He also got two 2nd Best Allbreed Premier, three or four 2nd Best SH Premier (can’t remember), and three 9th Best Cat in Premiership – now, those are cool, because the Top 10 is among ALL the Premiers – Opens, Premiers and Grand Premiers. BUT…you only earn points from the highest award in each ring. So, the most a cat could earn in any one ring was 9 points this weekend, and to do that he or she would need to win the Best Allbreed Premier.

The 2nd Best ribbons earn 90% of the points the Best ribbons earn, so this weekend it worked out to 6.3 points for 2nd Best SH Premier and 8.1 points for 2nd Best Allbreed Premier. He placed in 3 out of 5 finals each day; this was a 10-ring, two day show, and he finaled in 6 rings.


So…I think he earned 8 + 6.3 + 8.1 = 22.4 points each day, for a total of 44.8 points for both days. As I understand it, they do round up. At his first show, last month in Mansfield, he earned 24 points, so if I have this right, he now has 66.8 points. To become a Grand Premier, a cat needs 75 points, so he’s very nearly there!


Having been an art major in college, I am not so hot at math, but there a thing on the CFA website called Herman that tells you how many points your cat has; it’s updated every Thursday, so I’ll know for certain then 🙂


Or, to TL;DR: He did pretty well! 😀

It’s time for everybody’s favourite game…Is It An Aby?

Yesterday, I Can Has Cheezburger featured the following LOLcat:

It’s kind of hard to tell, but I’m pretty certain that this is a young Abyssinian, probably a fawn or a red. What do you think?

Aby-a-Day – September 12: Scenes from a cat show (Hipstamatic Monday)

I had the bright idea to take photos of this weekend’s cat show using Hipstamatic.

hipstajake hotel077

I always randomise the film, lens and flash (if I use one), so I never know what I’m going to get.

hipstajake catshowIMG083

I think some of the images I get are truly lovely.

hipstajake catshowIMG085

This photo, I think, captures the buzz of activity at a cat show neatly in a little square frame.

hipstajake catshowIMG090

While this one, which uses the same “Dali” lens, is just kind of…weird.

hipstajake catshowIMG093

I’m not sure how I get the selective blurring, but I like it.

hipstajake catshowIMG 098

While they are super-busy, cat shows also involve a good deal of sitting and waiting for your number to be requested.

hipstajake catshowIMG099

You have to be patient, yet ready for action.

hipstajake catshowIMG100

The quiet times are good, though. They give you a chance to reflect.

hipstajake catshowIMG102

And to practice your charm and people skills!

Aby-a-Day – September 11: The smell of the bay rum, the roar of the ring announcements

Two-day cat shows are a lot of fun, but they’re also a lot of work, and they pretty much dominate your whole weekend.

The second day of this show began with a moment of silence for that other September 11, 10 years ago; being in Connecticut, we were rather closer to Ground Zero than we would have been at home. It was a somber way to start our morning.

As I tweeted, the first ring, judge Lorraine Rivard’s Shorthair Specialty ring, the Premiers came down to a classic match-up between Pellburn Jacoby Stealin’ Home, the the ruddy Abyssinian, and Chocolado’s Madeline of Tayhome, the Seal-Point Siamese…and in that ring, the Aby was awarded the Best Shorthair Premier ribbon.


Later, in judge Gary Veach’s Allbreed ring, the two best Shorthair Premiers came down to the exact same pairing…but this time, the Siamese was the Best Allbreed Premier. In that ring, Jake was awarded 2nd Best Shorthair Premier, 2nd Best Allbreed Premier and 9th Best Cat in Premiership.

I loved that out of all the breeds entered in the show, in two different rings it came down to a Siamese and an Abyssinian, two of the featured breeds that were shown at the storied first show at the Crystal Palace in London in 1887. Classic, classic Shorthair Rivalry (kind of like two eastern American League baseball teams I can think of).


I was thrilled he did so well in Gary Veach’s ring, since back at Jake’s first show in February, his advice to me was, “He’s stunning..get the weight off. I haven’t worked out how many points he earned this weekend yet (I think he’s got 66, but I am not at all sure if I’ve done the math right), or how close he is to his Grand, but he did respectably well.


I’m so proud of him! And I’ll have many, many photos coming in the next few days, too.

Oh, and a special PS to Sparkle: Toby the handsome Grand Premier Somali placed in the finals in all 10 rings, which just goes to show you how impressive Abys’ longhaired cousins are!

Aby-a-Day – September 10: Somalis aren’t just pirates in Africa

What a long day!


We got to the show hall – the gymnasium at Grasso Technical High School in Groton, CT – at 8am, and went pretty much non-stop until the show ended around 4:30.


But it was a good day. I was disappointed because all of the other Abys were absent. I was looking forward to Jake being judged with others of his breed. Still, as I Tweeted today, Jacoby earned a Best Shorthair Premier ribbon and a 9th Best Cat in Premiership ribbon in Specialty judge Russell Webb’s ring. The Best Shorthair Premier is judged solely against the other Premiers in the show, not the Opens or Grand Premiers. The 9th Best Cat in Premiership, however, is against all the cats showing as Premiers, including the Opens and the Grands. This was only against the other Shorthairs, as this was the Specialty ring; in Allbreed rings, both Longhairs and Shorthairs are judged.


As I posted the other day, Somalis, despite having long hair, are considered Shorthairs in the CFA, and I got to meet the distinguished Kimbelot’s Toberone, aka Toby. He’s a Grand Premier, and such a sweetheart!


Look at him kneading the air! I was rather pleased to see he is about the same size as Jake; good to know that there are other cats his size out there who aren’t Maine Coons!


In other rings, Jake was awarded 2nd Best Shorthair Premier and 9th Best Cat in Premiership in Iris Zinck’s ring, and 2nd Best Shorthair Premier and 2nd Best Allbreed Premier in Gene Darrah’s ring. Gene actually approached me as I was putting Jake into his show cage and said, “You realise that you have the honour of having the only Abyssinian in the show today?” I said yes, but pointed out that there was a Somali, and he replied, “Yes, but that’s not an Aby.” Then I said that I was disappointed because there were supposed to be two other Aby Premiers in the show, and I had been looking forward to seeing them. It was really interesting to have a judge talk to me like that before judging my cat.


Kylie did well, too, in the Household Pet rings: She earned a Best HHP in Iris Zinck’s ring, a Second Best HHP in Vicki Abelson’s ring, and three Third Best HHP ribbons.


She’s becoming a little diva on the judge’s table, and her show presence is growing with each ring. She even stretched up to claw the scratching post!


She was completely wiped out when we got home, though! And we have five more rings tomorrow!

Aby-a-Day – September 9: Dress for the job you want (Fashion Friday)

After Jacoby was so solicitious after my nerve surgery, I thought it would be kind of cute to get Jake a little surgeon’s outfit.


As you know, Jake is SUCH a camera-hogging poser; of course he loved it.


The little hat made his ears go sideways, though.


I know there are those who say it’s wrong to dress cats, but in Jake’s case I really cannot agree with that…


…you can see he’s miserable, can’t you?

Raincoats, Maru? Really? Raincoats are so four months ago (Bonus Fashion Friday)

Catsparella posted about Maru, the famous Japanese cat who loves boxes, wearing a raincoat.

Jacoby actually scooped Maru on that one, as all you Aby Friends know. Jake wears his raincoat all the time when it’s rainy outside!


Maybe someday Jake will be as famous as Maru…

Aby-a-Day – September 8: The Angel’s Tail

It’s hard being a shy Abyssinian.


It seems like no matter what you do, you always end up in the background.


Of course, some days are worse than others…

This weekend’s show is definitely going to be interesting…

The breed summary for this weekend’s cat show in Groton, CT was posted today, and I think this is going to be the most interesting show Jacoby’s ever been to. At least, it will be if everyone shows up.

There are four Abyssinians entered in this show: One Grand Champion, two Premiers (one of whom is Jake), and one Grand Premier! Premiers don’t compete with Champions, but this will be the first time he’ll face another Aby in Premiership, let alone a Grand Premier. I wonder who they are?

But even more interesting than that…there’s a Somali entered in this show! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Somali in person; I know I haven’t seen one since I’ve been going to shows in New England, and, since when I went to shows in Northern California Somalis were a new breed, I don’t really remember seeing any back then. Even better, the Somali entered in this show just happens to be a Grand Premier, so not only will Jake be competing against him or her, but I’ll be far more likely to see him or her being judged!

The other thing that makes this show interesting is that there are two Specialty rings, and the shows Jake’s been to so far have only had Allbreed rings. All this means is, in two rings he will only be competing for ribbons and finals against other shorthairs; the longhairs in those two rings will likewise only be competing against each other.

However, the CFA does have a confusing (and, in my opinion, somewhat annoying) quirk as far as which breeds are considered to be longhairs or shorthairs. You would think it would be based on, you know, the length of the cats’ hair, but because of the way the breeds and their show classes evolved, it’s not that simple. Somalis, Balinese (longhaired Siamese), Javanese (longhaired Colorpoint Shorthairs), and longhaired Japanese Bobtails, Manx, Scottish Folds, Oriental Shorthairs and Selkirk Rexes are all considered Shorthaired breeds by the CFA, and Exotics (shorthaired Persians), and American Bobtails and American Curls (which can be either long- or shorthaired) are considered Longhaired breeds. The reason for this is the body types and originating breeds (ie, Somalis came from Abyssinian breedings, so they are Shorthairs, but Exotics came out of Persian breeding programs, so they’re considered Longhairs), but it can definitely be confusing to watch a Shorthair Specialty ring and see cats with long hair!

(I have a hard time remembering which breeds are Longhairs in the CFA – moreso than the Shorthairs, because I’m much more familiar with the Shorthair breeds – and I had to look up the breed divisions in the CFA rules!)

So, even though Abys have short hair and Somalis have long hair, they are more alike than they are different, and so Jake will be competing with this Somali in the Shorthair Specialty rings along with the other Abyssinians.

Like I said, it’s going to be an interesting weekend!

Aby-a-Day – September 7: Wordless Wednesday (Oh hai!)


Can a cat named Jacoby go to a “Damn Yankees” cat show?

Jacoby and I are going to another cat show this weekend. It’s the Damn Yankees Cat Club’s 2-day CFA allbreed show in Groton, CT. I’m amused that the name of the sponsoring cat club is “Damn Yankees,” but since Groton is east of the Connecticut River, I think it’ll be okay.

However, speaking of cat shows, I recently got this email from Sherry (Jake’s breeder):

Just wanted to share the good news with you about the 2-day ACFA show in Parrsboro, NS.

I had 4 cats with me:
– Dillin
[Pellburn Johnny Dillinger, Jake’s brother and littermate], Grand Champion in the Cat class,
– Jasmine, Catalina
[Instincts Santa Catalina of Pellburn, Jake’s mother] and Buddy Guy’s daughter born May 11, 2010 in the Alter class (aka Falafel – going to her new home at the end of the month)
– Koto (Ginger and Dillin’s boy) in the Kitten class (his brother Katana came along to keep him company)
[Jake’s nephews!]

Koto got in all 8 finals out of 12 kittens, although usually around the middle of the pack. He was rather nervous. It’s too bad I had not entered his brother Katana instead as he, as it turns out, is far more comfortable with new situations.

This was Jasmine’s 3rd show and she earned the Winner’s ribbons and finals she needed to Grand. In ACFA, they need 16 Winner’s ribbons plus 6 Finals, 2 of which must be top 5 Allbreed (this 2 top 5 Allbreed rule only applies to Alters which can make it difficult for some to ever Grand). There were only 5 Rings at the Dartmouth and Fredericton shows, so she needed 6 more Rings after those shows.

In ACFA there are 4 levels of Grand Champion. Once a Cat or Alter reaches Grand, they compete against other Grands for points, one point for each Grand they beat in a Ring, max of 5 points per Ring. Once they reach Quadruple Grand, they get the title of “Supreme Grand Champion”. Dillin earned his Grand last year in Fredericton, and this weekend in Parrsboro, earned the remaining points need to QUADRUPLE! YAY! BTW, Scar’s dad TJ is a Quadruple Grand too 🙂 [Scar is Pellburn Scarface Cat Pacino, Jake’s father, and TJ is Haro’s Jake of Eszencia, Jake’s grandfather – the name Jake kind of runs in the family] Oh yeah, Dillin also ended up 2nd Best Cat in Show for the 2 days 🙂

We attended the Regional Awards Saturday night where Dillin was Best Cat for the 2010-2011 Show Season – he got a super big purple and black rosette 🙂

I so want to bring Dillin to a CFA show in New England!


Wouldn’t that be fun? I wonder if Jake would remember his brother? Sherry and I went to two shows together when I had Gun-Hee and she had Scar, so father and son were reunited. But we haven’t managed to be at the same show since 2007. Still, I’m sure we’ll manage it at some point. The Aby world just isn’t that vast!

Aby-a-Day – September 6: Having a ball

Angel is so cute when she’s playing with a toy.


This wool ball is something I brought her back from our last trip to Florida. She seems as though she’s not quite sure it’s not a trap.


She just sort of studies new toys before she trusts them enough to play with them.


Of course, not everyone is as tentative as Angel is when it comes to new toys.


“Hey, look! Toys! Cool!”


I think Angel looks a little angry at Jacoby’s taking over her toy pile. Maybe someday she’ll teach him a lesson? Probably not, but it’s a pretty dream.

Aby-a-Day -September 5: Shades of grey (Hipstamatic Monday)

Sometimes, it just seems so restful to take advantage of Hipstamatic’s black and white films.


Black and white photos bring back different memories for me, depending on my mood.


Sometimes, they remind me of being on the school paper in high school, and the hours I spent in the darkroom formatting, halftoning and printing all the photos we used in each issue.


Other times, they remind me of being exiled to the back bedroom and the black and white TV when I wanted to watch something on television that my parents didn’t want to watch (the horror!).


Sometimes it’s nice to remember that just because we live in a world with millions of colours, it doesn’t mean that we have to look at all of them all the time.

Aby-a-Day – September 4: All in the Family

I keep all our cats’ medical records in a slick pet organizer, and after the big trip to the vet on Tuesday I was putting away all the paperwork when I happened to notice something in Tessie’s details that I hadn’t noticed before.


When I first adopted her back in 2005, I printed out most of her breeder’s website and saved all the hard copies as part of Tessie’s file. But I’d never noticed this before:

My first litter of 1st Generation Asians were born March 6. 1999. There were 2 Chocolate Ticked Silver Tabby boys and 1 Chocolate Ticked Tabby girl and 1 Black Ticked Tabby girl. The mating was a Chocolate European Burmese and a Black Silver Aby

Wait, what? A Black Silver Abyssinian? The page continues: These are some photos of my 1st Generation Asian Kittens that were born on 6 March 1999. There is 1 Chocolate Ticked Tabby girl (Gabrielle), 2 Chocolate Ticked Silver Tabby boys and 1 Black Ticked Tabby girl (Xena).


Those kittens do look a little Aby-ish, don’t they? Bes Gabrielle is the little girl on the far left, and she’s Tessie’s paternal great-grandmother.Gabrielle’s parents were named Satukissan Veratrum Album of Bes and Bijouxcats Krystal SheerRose of Bes; Bijouxcats breeds European Burmese, but Satukissan is a Finnish Aby cattery.

Having discovered that Tessie’s Great Great Grandfather (who sired both Tessie’s paternal Great Grandfather and Great Grandmother) was, in fact, a Finnish Abyssinian, I got curious about the backgrounds of Tessie’s other great-greats, so I decided to see what I could find out about them. So here is the rest of Tessie’s great-great grandparents:

Bes Bargo’s Imp was a Chocolate Euopean Burmese and one of Tessie’s paternal Great Great Grandmothers. Her mate was also the Aby, Satukissan Veratrum Album of Bes.

Shai-San-War’s Hassan was also a Chocolate EuroBurm, and a paternal Great Great Grandfather. His mate was Kikirikis Evalina Eloise, a Blue-Cream Tortie EuroBurm.

Here’s where it gets interesting, though. One of Tessie’s paternal Great Grandmothers, Gabrielle, was half Abyssinian. But her other paternal Great Grandmother, Udun Enchantica Electra of Bes, appears to be pure Abyssinian! She is listed as a Cinnamon/Sorrel Silver Aby, and her parents were Udun Silver Descansado, a Finnish black silver Aby, and Yade’s Dewele, a Finnish sorrel Aby.

On Tessie’s maternal side, she is all European Burmese with two cats from Chi-Lang cattery, Rothrose Jamie, Tuatahi Practically Perfect, Avon Champinoise and Ilgatto catteries, with one Persian from Armani cattery.

Another interesting thing I found is that Ilgatto cats seem to have also been used in breeding LaPerms, a type of Rex.


But wait, I know what you’re thinking…”This is the Daily Abyssinian, so why all the attention to European Burmese, Asians, Tiffanies, Persians and LaPerms? Well…as I have said in the past, ERoS (the Electronic Registry of Somalis) is a marvelous thing. Satukissan has a couple of Abys, Satukissan Saga and Satukissan Minna, apparently littermates, whose paternal Great-Grandparents are Bastis Rusty Nail of Catknapp and Bastis Janet Planet. One of Jacoby’s paternal Great-Great Grandfathers was Jannalou’s Talisman.

Talisman’s Great Great Grandfather was Udjat’s Anubis, whose grandfather was Bastis Prodigal Son…Whose father was Bastis Daily Planet of Catknapp. Whose parents were…Bastis Rusty Nail of Catknapp! I don’t know if Tessie’s Satukissan ancestor was related to Bastis, but Jake’s mother’s pedigree definitely connects to Satukissan.

Until I happened to notice that page in Tessie’s paperwork, I was not aware that Abyssinians were used in the breeding of Asians, Burmillas and Tiffanies, so I find this all very fascinating.

One more intriguing discovery: Satukissan also bred Somalis! So, Sparkle, you and Tessie might be distant cousins!


Looking at Tessie and Angel together, it’s hard to believe that she’s only three generations removed from being an Abyssinian. Her head, her body, her bone structure and even her thick double coat, is completely Asian/European Burmese/Burmilla.


But there’s a little Abyssinian in her genetic makeup, too.