Aby-a-Day – October 1: Bunny paws!

Angel’s most favourite place to sleep is on the pillow nearest the lamp in the bedroom.


Look! Bunny paws!


You think she’s asleep…but she’s got her eye on me.


“Okay, Mom…what?”

Nothing earthshattering, just a little dose of kitteh bunny paws today.

He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother

Sherry sent me an email in response to my swan song post the other day to tell me “Jake looks a lot like Buddy Guy in that 3rd pic, he is somewhere between Dillin and Buddy Guy in looks I think :-)”

Buddy Guy (Gr.Ch. Pellburn Buddy Guy Slippin’ In) and Dillin (4x Gr.Ch. RW Pellburn Johnny Dillinger) are Jacoby’s full brothers; Buddy Guy was born 2 years before to Scar and Catalina, and Dillin is Jake’s littermate. Sherry says “Dillin is my breeding male, the wonderful surprise that was born after his dad Scar (the cat love of my life) escaped from the house and got killed on the road 😦 Dillin has intense colour, lots of coat, and is so affectionate, a trait he is passing on to his babies 🙂 I am so grateful that he is a loverboy, just like his dad!

Jake has all of the above, except for the cojones. Sherry and I hope to someday go to the same show with the brothers, and compare them side by side.

Like this:

Can you tell them apart? LOL

At the show in Mansfield, judge Roger Lawrence made an interesting observation about cats in Premiership vs the cats in Championship classes. Back in the “old days” (which in my mind, at least, equates to the late 70’s-early 80’s, when I first experienced the CFA, and it seems that definition tends to hold), cats entered in Premiership were the cats who weren’t “good enough” to be entered in the Championship classes. Their colour wasn’t quite perfect, or their ears were too big (or too small) or their noses were too short (or too long); basically, they weren’t good enough to be Champions but they were a little better than pet quality. However, he continued, today the Premiership rings are seeing cats that could easily be shown as Champions if they were not neutered or spayed. You could, he said, take any one of the cats in that show that were being shown as Premiers and put them up against the Champions and they would still be competitive. I suspect the reason is economics (not everyone can afford to keep an intact purebred cat, let alone breed and raise kittens) and – at least in the case of Abyssinians – litter size (Aby litters tend to be small; when you only have two or three kittens, it seems to me there’s more of a chance of a kitten being show quality than there would be in a litter of ten or twelve).

Jake could easily have been a Champion and a breeding male…but since I have neither the space nor the disposable income to breed (or the desire to live with an unneutered male cat), he’s neutered. He wasn’t neutered because he wasn’t “as good” as Dillin, he was just neutered because he was my cat rather than someone else’s.

At the last show in Groton, CT, after Jake was awarded ribbons in one ring, a woman cheered and then watched me collect him from the judging cage and followed me back to his cage. She said that she was so taken with him, and asked if he had any kittens. I had to smile at that; that was how I met Sherry and Scar back in 2006. My husband saw Scar in a ring, and followed Sherry back to her cage in the benching area because he was such an “awesome looking” cat. I told her that Jake is neutered and hasn’t any sons, but he does have nephews! I hope she does contact Sherry for a kitten. I’m glad I did!