Aby-a-Day – October 2: It’s a sin to kill a mockingbird…

Jacoby strikes a pose for me on a bench in the park.


Of course, when does he not pose?


The afternoon sun lights up his ruddy fur like a firebrand. This is what the cat show judges mean when they say that Abyssinians “sparkle.”


But what is he talking about?


And what does he see?


A Mockingbird!


Who’s watching Jake rather closely.


And who’s not alone.


Better be careful, Jake. Mockingbirds can actually hurt cats. When I was a teenager, my mom wouldn’t let us have cats in the house. One of our cats, Paul (a brown mackerel tabby) developed a huge abscess on the top of his head which was started by a deep puncture wound. The vet was pretty certain it had been caused by a bird’s beak, possibly a Scrub Jay, but most likely from an attack by one or two Mockingbirds divebombing his head. Even though they’re “just harmless songbirds,” I watch them carefully when Jake and I are outside.