Aby-a-Day – October 3: I’m on ur subway, ridin’ ur trains (Hipstamatic Monday)

Jacoby and I ride the T so often, he seems to regard it as an extension of his territory.


He just sits in his seat and enjoys the ride, like any other commuter.


Well…almost like any other commuter.


I mean, most people don’t sit on the floor…


Jake also likes to look out the window when we pass through stations or go above ground.


I find it hilarious that no one on this train seems to even notice there’s a cat on the subway.


Just another day beneath the streets of Boston.

I Can Has Cheezburger: Aby vs mousie

Speaking of other people’s Abys, I Can Has Cheezburger featured a ruddy Aby doing what Abys do best: playing!

Other People’s Abys: Ajani Tut’s 3-legged odyssey

I happened across this video today, and it is just too cute:

Via this random You Tube video (someone sent me a link to another kitten in a hamster ball this morning, though that I found this one), I discovered the Abayomi Abyssinian channel, and even more than you need to see the cuteness…you need to watch this video (slideshow, really). It tells the story of a little blue boy named Ajani Tut who lost his leg in a tragic accident. His name is Ajani, an African word meaning “he who wins struggles,” which definitely suits him…

Be sure to check out the link with the story of his recovery and trip to his new home in Edmonton, where he now lives with a little girl, another Aby, two other cats, and a big dog (who Ajani bullies mercilessly). It’s truly incredible how this kitty adapted to the loss of his leg. As his new owners put it: “He is still an Aby , with the Aby soul and all the unique character traits that we have come to love. Four legs or three does not change that!”

This cattery has another blue boy, Ruddicat Head Over Heels of Abayomi (Taiko), who is a relation of Abyfriend Katscan’s Louis and Rosie!