Other People’s Abys – Furniture models

One of the posts today on Moderncat featured some gorgeous new napping designs from Danish cat furnituremakers Cat-Interiors. They are lovely…but what really caught my eye was their model!


She is Mrs. Schmitt, the highly demanding Abyssinian member of their design team, and also their feline spokesmodel. When you visit their site, she’s their favicon, too!

But the Moderncat post reminded me of something I’ve been meaning to post. I don’t remember how I found them, but check out Phoenix Feline Furniture’s wonderful custom driftwood cat trees. They’re made on Vancouver Island, and no two are alike…but just look at their models!


Abyssinians not only show off the cat furniture, but they also grace the pages of their website, and with good reason: Phoenixabys Cattery is the other half of the family! Lucky Abyssinians! I can’t imagine a better place for Abys than a house full of cat trees.

I do seem to have a knack for finding Canadian Abys, though, eh?

6 thoughts on “Other People’s Abys – Furniture models

    • Mark, the cat tree designer, is my breeder’s husband. He’s really great. We got driftwood scratching posts with each of my cats. Louis and Rosie love them, becasue, of course, they gre up with them. So, I think you must have found these through me!


      • Durrrr…I knew the name sounded familiar…!

        And you know…I think I stumbled on these on my own. I think I must have been looking for a cat tree link, because I sent these links to myself. It was months ago; I was saving it for a good time to pop it in (I do that, as you may have noticed; other times I post right away so I don’t forget (like I did with the KnobNots…oops). Which reminds me…I need to look up Phoenixabys on ERoS…

        Or you had a link on LJ and that’s where I got it. Also very possible.

        I do love those posts…but I think they would cost too much to ship to Boston.


        • I don’t think you will find anything on ERoS. I have tried. I did find Louis and Rosie’s sire, but he has since moved to Phoenixabys and there is no information on his offspring other than kittens he sired as a part of the Ruddicats cattery. His name is Ruddicats Maximus Orilious of Phoenixabys, but ERoS does not have the suffix cattery on his name, so I can only conclude that Sylvia has not provided information to the database.


          • You know…you have Rosie and Louis’ pedigrees, which go back at least a couple of generations…you could enter them in yourself. I think that’s how most of these got input in the first place. I made myself an account and have updated Gun-Hee and Jake’s information, and added photographs, too.

            I don’t know exactly how entering a cat from scratch works, because I’ve never done it, but I think Sherry entered in all the cats from her cats’ pedigrees, and then some how they get linked up in the system to other cats (or I suppose the same cats, if they’re already listed). It’s all user-based data, which is why some catteries only have three cats listed when you know they’ve had a lot more than just three kittens!


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