News from TICA: Abyssinian Claims Title As The World’s Best Cat For 2010-2011 Show Season

AbyFriend Katscan alerted me to this post on the TICA blog: Abyssinian Claims Title As The World’s Best Cat For 2010-2011 Show Season.


World’s BEST Cat, you guys. Best. Cat. ON THE PLANET. An Abyssinian.

But then, we already knew that, amirite?

His name is Abyfelis Ermès, bred and owned by Patricia Jean-Jean from France, and he’s just a little younger than Jacoby. Wonder if the Pouponette gang know him?

But here’s a little fun. If you’ve read a few of my posts, you know how I always say that all Abys are related. So…I randomly chose one of Ermès’ eight great-grandparents: Thamos Johnny B Good of Baton Rouge. I picked him (he’s Ermès’ mother’s father’s father) because he was the lone Norwegian cat in amongst seven French and German Abys.

Well, One of Johnny’s great-grandfathers (his mother’s mother’s father) was none other than Tailsend Satchel! And we know all about Tailsend, and Satchel, don’t we? Satch, as he was called, went to live in Finland…and, well, there you have it. From Canada to Finland to Norway to France.

Two of Satchel’s great-grandparents were Quin-Jo’s Red’n Reddy and Shomra’s Rusty Nail, who are both Jake’s mother Catalina’s paternal great-grandmother’s parents’ ancestors; Shomra’s Orion was Rusty Nail’s great-grandson, and Catsylvania’s Margarita of Shomra was Red’n Reddy’s great-great-granddaughter.


Ermès and Jake are also related through another great-grandparent, Des Entrechats Une Histoire, whose grandfather is Instincts Klein Bonaire, who is Jake’s great-great grandfather!

Amazing, isn’t it? I’m fascinated by this; it’s like the Kevin Bacon game, only with Abyssinians!

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