News from TICA: Abyssinian Claims Title As The World’s Best Cat For 2010-2011 Show Season

AbyFriend Katscan alerted me to this post on the TICA blog: Abyssinian Claims Title As The World’s Best Cat For 2010-2011 Show Season.


World’s BEST Cat, you guys. Best. Cat. ON THE PLANET. An Abyssinian.

But then, we already knew that, amirite?

His name is Abyfelis Ermès, bred and owned by Patricia Jean-Jean from France, and he’s just a little younger than Jacoby. Wonder if the Pouponette gang know him?

But here’s a little fun. If you’ve read a few of my posts, you know how I always say that all Abys are related. So…I randomly chose one of Ermès’ eight great-grandparents: Thamos Johnny B Good of Baton Rouge. I picked him (he’s Ermès’ mother’s father’s father) because he was the lone Norwegian cat in amongst seven French and German Abys.

Well, One of Johnny’s great-grandfathers (his mother’s mother’s father) was none other than Tailsend Satchel! And we know all about Tailsend, and Satchel, don’t we? Satch, as he was called, went to live in Finland…and, well, there you have it. From Canada to Finland to Norway to France.

Two of Satchel’s great-grandparents were Quin-Jo’s Red’n Reddy and Shomra’s Rusty Nail, who are both Jake’s mother Catalina’s paternal great-grandmother’s parents’ ancestors; Shomra’s Orion was Rusty Nail’s great-grandson, and Catsylvania’s Margarita of Shomra was Red’n Reddy’s great-great-granddaughter.


Ermès and Jake are also related through another great-grandparent, Des Entrechats Une Histoire, whose grandfather is Instincts Klein Bonaire, who is Jake’s great-great grandfather!

Amazing, isn’t it? I’m fascinated by this; it’s like the Kevin Bacon game, only with Abyssinians!

11 thoughts on “News from TICA: Abyssinian Claims Title As The World’s Best Cat For 2010-2011 Show Season

  1. And as I mentioned in an email to you once, Tailsend Satchel was my “benchmark” Aby long before I got my first one, Haro’s Ginger Snap of Pellburn (Jacoby’s paternal Great-Grandmother) in 2002. I had seen a picture of Satchel when he was young, before going to Norway from Canada – he had a look I just loved!



    1. I remember (that’s what I meant when I said, “We know all about Tailsend and Satchel,don’t we”)!

      I was just kind of staggered that I picked a cat at random, simply because he wasn’t French or German, and not only do I see a name in his pedigree that I recognise…but it’s one that I actually kind of KNOW. And not just because I have Jake’s parents’ pedigrees practically memorised, either! 🙂


  2. We are not familiar with that cattery (it i some way from us). But,,, we have already established that Ermes is related to Tama-Chan and therefore Bibi-Chan through great-great grandfather Purrsynian Jambe Finete who was Tama’s great grandfather. He is also related to Genji through a maternal great-great-grandmother, Cheetara’s Octavia Song who is also Genji grea-great-grandmother, and also through Cheetara’s Wann Be A Cowboy who is Ermes’ maternal great-grandfather and Genji’s maternal grandfather and paternal great-grandfather!

    So, now the question is: Are Jake and any of The Poupounette Gang related? Can we find Jake’s pedigree online?


    1. Oh! I saw Jambe Finite’s name when I was backtracking from Ermes’ pedigree and thought it was a very clever name. I’m sure they’re related – Jake has connections to Purssynian via Jannalou,(and Udjat and El Qahira) although I can’t recall off the top of my head if he actually has any Purssynian cats in his pedigree. I know he has Catsylvania, though (I tend to get those two confused in my head).

      I’ve seen those cattery names, of course. I don’t think Jake has any Cheetara lines in his pedigree though. We can probably link them all back to Bastis Zachariah, but the trick is to find a link more recent than him 🙂

      Jake’s pedigree is on ERoS: Pellburn Jacoby Stealin’ Home. See what you can find!


      1. The only thing I have found so far is that Jake is distantly related to IKKYU, my first Aby, through Bastis Rusty Nail of Catknapp, who was Ikkyu’s grandfather! That line goes back through FELINEXPRESS LEO ESENCIAS of Haro in Jake’s pedigree.


        1. I think I found a link!
          Check out Raelich Mission Redd of Dar-Ling.

          He is Cheetara’s Mistral Wind’s paternal great-grandfather, and Mistral Wind’s mother was Cheetara’s Octavia Song. Mistral Wind is Si C’Etait Vrai Des Entrechats’ great-grandfather, and C’Etait Vrai is Ermes’ great-grandfather. Mistral Wind is also Cheetara’s I Wanna B A Cowboy’s father.

          My mistake was thinking that Jake hasn’t got any Cheetara lines in his pedigree. But he has! Today I noticed a cat, Bidadari Willy, who I haven’t actually followed back before. Come to find out, while Willy is a Canadian cat, he had German cats on both sides of his pedigree (I had no idea Jake has such recent ties to European lines)! Through Willy, he’s related to Nepenthes and Dar-Ling.

          Willy is Jake’s great-great grandfather on his father’s side (through his father’s mother, Haro’s Ginger Snap). Willy’s great-great grandmother, Dar-Ling’s Lady Harley, is…Raelich Mission Redd of Dar-Ling granddaughter!

          So…Raelich Mission Redd of Dar-Ling is Erme’s great-grandfather’s great-grandfather’s great-grandfather, AND he’s Jake’s great-great-grandfather’s great-great-grandmother’s grandfather.

          How’s that? 🙂


  3. Hello, I am Patricia JEAN-JEAN, the breeder of Ermès, and I just discover your comment and discussion. Thanks for this. it seems you know a lot more than me on history….
    I am very proud for all abyssininan breeders to have been able to get an Aby at this high level of accomplishment. This is only the recognition of all the good work performed by all previous breeders. Let’s be proud of our abyssinians!


    1. Thank you for your comment. Ermès is absolutely stunning!

      The Electronic Registry of Somalis is an amazing resource, and I think we Aby people are lucky to have it; I don’t know if any other breed has such a database to refer to. And there is also Abyworld, which is another wonderful resource.

      I would love to breed Abys, but since I can’t right now, at least I can run a blog about all things Abyssinian 🙂


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