Aby-a-Day – October 7: Halloween preparations (Fashion Friday)

We are all busily getting ready for Halloween. Angel’s traditional pirate outfit is getting a makeover; she finally has an eyepatch (thanks to Julie and Cousin Toki), and she also has an actual pirate wench dress. She will also have a new hat with purple feathers, a serious upgrade to the Petco hat with its built-in dreadlocks (although, major props to Petco for even making a kitty pirate hat at all, let alone one with a kitty skull and crossbones on it). A quick preview of her new dress:


Meanwhile, last week Sparkle shared photos of her human’s plans for her and her roommates’ Halloween costumes; I happen to have picked up the same “butterfly” costume for Tessie, whose registered name is Bes Butterfly. I wish the wings were more butterfly-y, but what are you going to do? It was on sale (since I bought it in December)! Kylie will just wear a dress and a bow; she’s going to be Hello Kitty.

Meanwhile, Jacoby and I are going to be at the CFA cat show in Groton, CT Halloween weekend, so we will be dressing up as…well, ourselves if we lived in Bubastis circa 2011 BC. I don’t want to give away too much…


…but here’s a trial run Jake and I did so I could send my sister a glimpse of what we have planned. Don’t worry, I have much more jewellery to go with this, and of course plenty of eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara (and a wig), which I do not have on in this photo. During the cat show Jake won’t be able to wear his necklace or headdress…


…but I don’t think it’ll spoil the effect at the show. At least he won’t have to go as a mummy this year (knock on wood)!

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