Aby-a-Day – October 8: Scalability

I was a little afraid of this…Ever since Jacoby’s been on his urinary tract prescription diet, he’s been getting more canned food each day. However, he doesn’t seem to have backed off on his dry food nomming. We’ve tried feeding him less, but the girls, particularly Tessie, actually prefer dry to canned and aren’t getting enough to eat. Tessie actually sniffs her dish of canned food and walks away or stares at us as if to say, “Where’s my real food? I want a dinner that crunches!”

I’m also pretty sure that Jake is managing to eat at least part of Tessie’s canned food allotment, even though we try to prevent that. He’s pretty sneaky when he wants to be.


So I weighed him the other day, and he’s gotten up to 11½ lbs! At his last “official” weigh-in, on September 18, he’d actually gotten down to 10.8 lbs…of course, this was also when he had the sniffles and his urinary tract infection, but still…it looks like it’s diet time for Jake again.

He’s gonna love that.