Aby-a-Day – October 9: Hello Goodbuy

So the other day, we needed to pick up some things at Target.


I brought Jacoby along with us. We used his little Snoozer Roll Around because the stroller is awkward in the car. The Snoozer fits nicely in the baby seat of the shopping cart.


Jake was quite happy to ride around in the cart.


He enjoyed some aisles more than others, though.

I get asked all the time if I have problems bring Jake with me to places like Target. Many don’t actually have signs about pets, believe it or not; it’s kind of an unwritten rule, apparently. And since he’s a cat, not a dog, that seems to be kind of a loophole.

I never try to bring him into grocery stores, and places that are mostly not food-oriented (CVS and Target have food, but I stay out of the food aisles to avoid a problem) don’t really seem to mind. And, surprisingly, many places – my Ace Hardware, the Apple Store, and (sniff) Borders are (were) very welcoming. Of course, he’s well-behaved, and fairly quiet; most people don’t even notice him. And whichever carrier he’s in, he can be zipped up and therefore “enclosed.” I haven’t ever had a problem, and I have had some really fun conversations with employees, particularly at places like Home Depot, where the people working tend to talk to customers a lot as part of the job.

I also don’t make a big production out of bringing Jake along. Apart from snapping a couple of photos (usually with my phone), he and I just do our shopping like any other pair of friends. I’m sure people think I’m talking to a small child until they see him in my shopping cart.