Other People’s Abys: Have you seen the cute jogging cat at English Bay?

Thanks to Abyfriend Katscan for this link to an article in today’s Vancouver Sun: For jogging Vancouver cat, life’s a walk in the park

(Photo via the Vancouver Sun)

Jafari Jamison Underfoot, or JJ as he is called by his friends, is another Aby who loves to go out with his people on adventures (and another Canadian Aby, too). I had to laugh when I read his story and looked at his photos, because he reminds me so much of Radar, the Central Park-going Manhattan Aby. And, of course, Jacoby and me (especially the part about being “cat ambassadors”).

I don’t know if Vancouver is just happy to have some non-hockey-related news to report (oh, snap!) or if they just really love Abys at the Vancouver Sun, but they really did a great job of showcasing JJ; along with the story, there is also a video showing JJ running with his humans as well as an extensive photo gallery showing JJ’s adventures both at home in Vancouver and on vacation in Seattle!

Be sure to check out JJ’s Facebook fan page, too.

Just for fun, I looked up Port Coquitlam Abyssinian breeders, and turns out, there’s just one: Abayomi Abyssinians. This is the breeder who raised the remarkable three-legged blue kitten, Ajani Tut, So JJ and Ajani are related!

Aby-a-Day – October 13: Some people just have skeletons in their closets…

Opening doors in our apartment is always an adventure.


You never know who’s going to sneak in or out when you least suspect it.


Jacoby, especially, loves to camp out in the bedroom closet, and also the laundry closet.


And once he gets in, he hunkers down and won’t come out for anything, not even treats or his laser pointer!