Aby-a-Day – October 16: Napping spots is srs bsns

We have two identical black wooden cat trees from Petco. Being, as I said, identical, they each have an identical little cubbyhole at the bottom for kitties to nap in.


Or perhaps I should say apparently identical cubbyholes, because for whatever reason, the cats only want to sleep in the cat tree cubby on the left-hand side.


I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone in the cubby on the right-hand side.


Even though they are, as I have said, identical.


I guess identical is in the eye of the beholder.

A note from Stewie

I sent a congratulatory email to Stewie, the longest cat in the world, the other day, and today Jacoby and I got the following message from Stewie himself:

Thanks Jacoby and Coco! I think there ought to be more therapy cats, but as we both know, you have to be a special kitty to be allowed to do therapy work! Hats off to us!

Wondering how big a Maine Coon is compared to an Abyssinian? Here’s Jake next to a Maine Coon at the last cat show. Despite the hair, you can see how big the Maine Coon boy is!


This is actually kind of a lucky shot; male cats aren’t supposed to be put next to each other in the judging cages. However, in this case it appears the ring clerk made a mistake. Jake’s number is showing on the pink side of the card, not the blue side, so it seems that someone thought Jake was a girl!