OMG! Chanan!

Warning: Cat geekery and photography fangirling to follow…

The Halloween weekend Groton CT show has added CHANAN as the show photographer!

They are THE cat photographer in the biz. They are, seriously and without a trace of hyperbole, a legend. They’ve been photographing cats at cat shows since 1976 and you see their signature on at least half of all the pro shots you see anywhere. Basically, everyone who takes photos of cats wants to be like them.

I really want to have Chanan photos taken of Jacoby on his Grand Premier weekend. This is an incredible, and really rare, opportunity! I got pro shots of Jake taken at his first show done by a person just starting out…and they’re awesome and I use them a lot…but Chanan is just…it’s like having a Tiffany diamond or Kobe beef. It’s just the apex of its genre.

Here’s a couple of my favourite shots taken by the pro photog at the show in Milton this past February:




Chanan’s prices aren’t as bad as you’d think, and it varies a bit depending on how many photos are deemed worthy. I’m thinking to have Jake’s photos done the second day, and perhaps have him pose with the ribbons he’s won in the past. I’d also like to have a photo or two of us taken together; since Sunday of the show is the day before Halloween, I’ll be in costume and I’d love to have a shot of us together in our Halloweeny finest.

But, wow…the chance to have Jake’s photos taken by the best in the business? I am PSYCHED!

Aby-a-Day – October 20: What makes you so special?

Like most households, cats are not allowed on the counters in our apartment.


While most of the cats know this rule and abide by it, for some reason Jacoby seems to think that the rule doesn’t apply to him.


I am not sure why he thinks this.


We tell him, “No, Jake!” and “Get down, Jake!” but he doesn’t listen.


Actually, I take that back. Jake does listen. We tell him, “Get off the counter, Jake!” and he does get off the counter.




Because sitting on the rice cooker is not, technically, sitting on the counter. It’s sitting on the rice cooker.


And Jake can’t see the meat from the floor, so he’s perfectly willing to push that technicality for a better view.