Aby-a-Day – October 25: Pose with Puss in Boots

I just downloaded a super fun app the other day for my iPhone. Pose with Puss in Boots, from DreamWorks may be just an advertising gimmick for the new Puss in Boots movie coming out this weekend, but it’s also really well done and an absolute hoot to play with.


The app allows you to insert Puss in Boots, Kitty Softpaws and other characters from the new movie into photos taken with your iPhone or Android device. You can use photos you’ve already taken, or take new ones incorporating the character of your choice.


There are several poses of Puss, including one flamenco dancing with Kitty, along with the other characters from the film (although, let’s be honest, the cats are the ones everyone’s going to use), and also Puss’ hat and his boots.


I took this one of Jacoby with Puss’ hat. You can move your chosen element around on the screen and resize it if necessary before you click the shutter. If you have a posing camera ham like I do, it isn’t hard to get great shots.


You can also take a photo with one element, and then go back and add other elements to make a fun composite shot.


I haven’t played around a lot with it, yet, since I only downloaded it last night, but so far I’m highly impressed (and amused).


Also included in the app are videos (including the awesome Old Spice spoof “The Cat Haz Swagger”), an Easter egg hunt, and a feature that repeats everything you say in “helium voice.” The only downside I’ve found is that there’s no way to mute the sound, so don’t try playing with this in a meeting or during a movie!

Best of all, it’s FREE! It actually works better and is more entertaining than a lot of apps I’ve paid for, so if you like Puss in Boots at all, I’d definitely recommend it.