Aby-a-Day – October 28: Shiver me timbers (Fashion Friday)

We’re on our way to Groton, CT for the cat show this weekend, but that doesn’t mean Angel can’t show off her new and improved Halloween pirate outfit!


She really needed a new hat. Her old one had built-in dredlocks (why!?), and no feathers.


No feathers! How can you have a pirate hat without feathers? I did salvage the little kitty skull-and-crossbones from her old hat, though.


Then, of course, the wonderful eyepatch that Abyfriend Julie of Cat Atelier made, along with a pirate dress made by another Etsy seller, Pampered Pup n’ Stuff.


And…voila! The Dread Pirate Angel!


I have to say, I’m impressed with how well she posed for me.


It’s pretty obvious she knows full well how awesome she looks.


I suppose that next year, I’ll need to find her a cutlass.

Do the Toki Poki and turn yourself around…

You may recall my post about Toki Poki last month; well, I received my Toki Poki trading cards the other day and I have to say I am super-impressed. They’re amazing! They’re very professional looking and seem like they’re much more expensive than they actually are. I really love them.


I am very impressed with how nicely they’re packaged! They come in little drawstring bags inside really nice little boxes. Jacoby was, of course, very interested in his cards…


I think he approves!


Angel also seemed to like her card. Hers was laid out specially on the back so the type fits in with the shape of the photo.


Tessie examined her card very carefully.


Kylie was happy with her card, and the way the green complemented her eyes, but she was less than pleased with me flashing the camera in her face.

When you join and order your optional trading cards, you also receive a random sampling of other members’ cards, which is fun. I got cards for cats (and dogs) from all over the world, including Australia and New Zealand. Portions of the cards’ profits are given to various animal-related causes, and random collections can be purchased for as little as $5 per pack. You never know…you could get one of my cats’ cards!