Aby-a-Day – October 29: Abys, Abys everywhere!

Unlike every other show Jacoby and I have gone to this year, there are Abyssinians in abundance at the cat show today.

There are three kittens entered:


A ruddy (usual),


A red (sorrel),


And a fawn. I haven’t seen a fawn Aby at a show since I took Gun-Hee to shows as a kitten.



There are two Championship Abys, Meg’s red Grand Champion Kuki (who I somehow managed not to get any photos of today) and Instincts Cozumel, a ruddy, and, of course, Jake and Instincts Laurel in Premiership.


But the biggest surprise was seeing a ruddy Aby in the Household Pet class! Her name is Kiri and this is her first cat show; her registration hasn’t gone through so she is showing as a HHP this time instead of a Premier.



The weather was lousy – it started snowing at around 3pm! It’s not supposed to snow before Halloween!


And, sadly, Jake did not make a final today, and did not earn his 9 points. He did get 4, though, so he only needs 5 more points to become a Grand Premier.


Better luck tomorrow!

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