Aby-a-Day – October 30: The Rally Squirrel must have been at the show this weekend

It was a very agonising, nail-biting weekend. Going into this show, Jacoby had 66 points. He needed 9 points to earn his Grand Premier title. In his first two shows as a Premier, he earned 24 points and 42 points, for a total of 66. Given that many of the judges at the show this weekend had helped him earned these points, My friend Meg and I thought it wouldn’t be too difficult for Jake to Grand at this show.

We were wrong. Apart from the fact that he was not the only Aby in Premierhip for the first time and so had competition for the all-important purple “Best Premier of Breed,” he was also “too heavy” according to a couple of the judges.

Each purple ribbon is worth a point, and at the end of Saturday, Jake had won 4 Best Premier ribbons in the 5 rings. Coming into Sunday, he needed only 5 points. 5 points.

In the first ring, the purple ribbon went to Laurel. in the second, it went to Jake. Then, in the next two rings, Laurel was Best Premier in Breed, and she earned a Second Best Shorthair Premier to boot. By the last ring, Jake had won 5 purples, and only needed 4 points to Grand. If he didn’t make it to the final, he would have to wait for his next show to become a Grand Premier.

Much like the World Series, it all came down to the very last ring, presided over by a judge Jake had been seen by, Lois Jensen; Judge Jensen had just put the two Championship Abys in her Top 10 final, which we said was a sign. I was sitting next to one of Laurel’s breeders, (Debbie from Instincts cattery), in that final ring. It was one of the most intense judgings I’ve ever been involved with.


It’s pretty much a given that if a cat does not win a purple ribbon, they will not make the final. And if Jake didn’t earn more than It all came down to Lois Jensen’s preferences in Abys. Laurel and Jake are similar, but while Laurel is a petite, dainty girl, Jake is a rangy boycat. Which type would the judge favour?


After she’d examined both Abys and deliberated over their appearance as compared to the Abyssinian breed standard. And it was on Jake’s cage that she hung that purple ribbon. If he didn’t make the final, he’d have 72 points, three shy of the 75 points needed. If he did make the final, with any ranking, he would have enough points to Grand.

I was in the ladies room, looking for paper towels, when he was called up for Lois Jensen’s final.


And…she gave him Best Shorthair Premier and Best Allbreed Premier! It was like a walk-off grand slam on the last strike of the last out of the 10th inning. Jake knocked it out of the park on his last at bat.

Grand Premier Pellburn Jacoby Stealin’ Home. It has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?

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