A Grand Day for Abys

I got this email from Sherry, Jacoby’s breeder, tonight:

Just wanted to share some great news with you. This weekend, I attended Ellie’s 2-day CCA Show in Halifax, NS. I brought Pellburn Buddy Guy Slippin’ In (because he already had a fair amount of Grand Points), and his niece, Cassia Alexandrina, Dillin and Ginger’s daughter (Ginger’s breeding replacement now that she’s spayed). Cassia earned her Champioinship on Saturday, and both got some finals and Grand Points, although not enough for Buddy Guy to Grand, but there is much better news!

Dillin (Pellburn Johnny Dillinger, son of Scar (who you all knew) and Instincts Catalina (from Chris G.)) stayed home for the weekend, for once. But some of his relations sure had a great weekend! His sons Eszencia Diego and Dylan (mother is Hinka’s Eszencia Song-of-the-Siren Moon) also attended the CCA show. On Sunday, Diego finished 3rd Best Cat in Show and Dylan finished Best Premier in Show AND just a couple of points shy of Granding! Diego also did awesome at a big CFA show in New Jersey this summer 🙂

But on the very same day, far far away in Groton, CT, Dillin’s brother Pellburn Jacoby Stealin’ Home (Jake), became a Grand Premier at his 3rd CFA show as a Premier! As you can read in his mom Coco’s “The Daily Abyssinian” blog, it was a real nail biter 😉

Congratulations to Diego, Dylan, and Jake!!

Sherry and Buddy Guy3_1538

Oh yeah, forgot to mention, Buddy Guy won Runner-Up for Best Costumed Cat, he was “The Buddy Guy” and I was “Mustang Sally” LOL.

If you look at the background of her photo, you can see why she and Buddy Guy are wearing polka dots!

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