Aby-a-Day – November 1: Jacoby and Laurel

Jacoby and Instincts Laurel were the two Aby premiers in the the show this past weekend. They were in very close competition with each other in each of the ten rings; Jake had, perhaps, a slight edge on colour, but Laurel had better type and size.


They were also both Ruddies, which – at least in my opinion – makes it really close contest. How on earth can a judge decide which cat is best in breed when they look almost identical?



Laurel (#155) was more alert and lively in the judging cage, while Jake (#154) tended to loaf comfortably in the back of his cage.


Laurel and Jake were about even on the judge’s tables, though. Laurel was, perhaps, a little more skittish.


Jake, on the other hand, was composed, but a little annoyed with the other cats around him. He hissed quite a bit.


In the end, though, they were fairly evenly matched. In the breed judging, Jake took 6 purple “Best of Breed” ribbons, and Laurel took 4…but Laurel made two judges’ finals, while Jake made just one.


It was actually really great to have another Aby in Premiership to compare with and compete against. That’s the one thing we’ve never been able to do at the other shows we’ve entered. Jake’s been the only Aby in Premiership, and sometimes the only Aby in the entire show!


It’s much more fun to have a distant cousin to measure up to. And, ultimately, we did what we set out to do: We had fun, dressed up for Halloween, met other Aby people…and earned 9 points.

(A description of the different ribbons’ colours and meanings is available on the CFA’s website.)

Abys are Everywhere – Luck be an Aby tonight

Since the cat show was in Groton, CT, we decided to go to Mohegan Sun for dinner and a little fun.

I like to play penny slot machines, and I look around the casino to find a game I like before I sit down. So you can imagine my reaction when I saw a Kitty Glitter slot machine!


Obviously, the sign on the top wasn’t what attracted me; the last player’s screen, however, was another story.


Okay, so…white Persians, Torties with White, Siamese (with green eyes, whoops), and…oh, hello there, tawny-coloured cat with bright golden eyes!


Not sure if they meant him to be an Abyssinian or a Somali (his neck is shaggy, but his tail – which you can see when three or more line up – is decidedly not brushy), but hey, it’s definitely a member of the tribe.


There are 6,300 slot machines at the three casinos of Mohegan Sun…leave it to me to find one with an Aby!