Abys are Everywhere – Luck be an Aby tonight

Since the cat show was in Groton, CT, we decided to go to Mohegan Sun for dinner and a little fun.

I like to play penny slot machines, and I look around the casino to find a game I like before I sit down. So you can imagine my reaction when I saw a Kitty Glitter slot machine!


Obviously, the sign on the top wasn’t what attracted me; the last player’s screen, however, was another story.


Okay, so…white Persians, Torties with White, Siamese (with green eyes, whoops), and…oh, hello there, tawny-coloured cat with bright golden eyes!


Not sure if they meant him to be an Abyssinian or a Somali (his neck is shaggy, but his tail – which you can see when three or more line up – is decidedly not brushy), but hey, it’s definitely a member of the tribe.


There are 6,300 slot machines at the three casinos of Mohegan Sun…leave it to me to find one with an Aby!

3 thoughts on “Abys are Everywhere – Luck be an Aby tonight

    1. It’s the prettiest casino I have ever seen. I think the Kitty Glitter machine was in the Casino of the Wind, near Micheal Jordan’s Mexican restaurant. There were two of them, and they were the only ones I saw.

      That place is huge…but really, really pretty.


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