Clancy and Finnegan – Abys for all seasons

Sherry sent me this wonderful photo of two Abys, Clancy and Finnegan, in their autumn coats…aren’t they handsome?

Clancy (the red/sorrel) is a cat of all seasons…he’s got an outfit for any kind of weather!

And, as a matter of fact, Clancy is Jacoby’s uncle! Clancy’s father is Haro’s Jake of Eszencia, aka TJ, Jake’s grandfather (Scar and Clancy are half-brothers)! Finnegan is also from Eszencia, but he has different parents from Clancy.

3 thoughts on “Clancy and Finnegan – Abys for all seasons

  1. Cool that my Clancy is your Jacoby’s uncle – the aby world is very small and intertwined!!!
    Thanks for posting my boys – they’re excited to see they’re on a blog (because their mom is way too lazy to do a blog)!!


    1. When I saw the “mom & dad” photos on your gallery…I recognised that photo of TJ immediately! Most Abys are related at some point (I found common relatives between Jacoby (born in Fredericton) and Sparkle, a Somali born in Southern California)…it’s just a question of how far back you have to go.

      I love your photos! Those two look like a handful and a half! Love your show photos, too…it’s fun to see judges I recognise, like Iris Zinck.


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