Other People’s Abys – The UK’s first Abyssinian Olympian

I have to confess, I know little to nothing about how other cat registries work. While Tessie is (and Patrick was) registered with TICA, and Jacoby is also registered with the CCA, I still pretty much only know how the CFA works.

However, this is interesting: The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (GCCF), the UK’s main cat registry, implemented a new show class this past June: the title of “Olympian.”

Coen main stage

And, this past weekend at a show in Ulster, Northern Ireland, Imperial Grand Premier Glendavan Roderick-Jaynes (Coen) was the first short haired cat of any breed in the UK to achieve the Olympian Bronze. Not only that, but he did it five straight shows. As I understand it, the Olympian award slightly different to other awards as all cats from all sections compete for one Olympian at each show (Olympian wins seem to be, basically, the equivalent of an overall best in show). There is, however, a split for champions/premiers and males/females. So, for Coen to get the Olympian he will have been up against Perisans, Burmese, Siamese, etc. to get it. The title is awarded when a cat earned five certificates from five different judges; The first five certificates equals the Bronze, then they start over and go for Silver and then Gold.

You’ll also notice that the GCCF has similar titles to those used in the CFA, and also more of them. In the CFA, once a cat has achieved Grand (Champion or Premier), there isn’t really much more to do; sometimes you’ll see “Double Grand,” “Triple Grand,” and so on, but I’m not sure these are officially used in CFA (although they are in other registries). In the GCCF, there is also the title of “Imperial Grand,” which sounds very regal; I kind of wish the CFA did that.

Another thing I kind of wish the CFA did was these title medals; aren’t they snazzy? I couldn’t find a photograph, but I did find one of the “old style” medals online; I have to confess that I’m quite smitten with the idea of a Grand medal!

Mrs Denny judging Coen

Isn’t it wonderful that the first shorthair breed to receive this new honour is an Abyssinian?

One thought on “Other People’s Abys – The UK’s first Abyssinian Olympian

  1. I was going to say, about “Imperial Grand”, that it sounds so cool! 😛 There should be some kind of Imperial Supreme Grandmaster title- heehee. I think cat show medals do sound awesome. To please the costumer inside me, it would also be cool to have a little velvet cape and crown!


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