Aby-a-Day – November 12: Don’t let the cat into the bag

I had more smelt than I put out; I left them in the bag on the kitchen counter.


Jacoby, of course, discovered that I was holding out on him.




And apparently, because I left them in the bag on the counter instead of actually giving them to him, they were somehow better than the ones he’d already tasted.


Jake was Not Amused by this treachery.


Seriously, how dare I keep fish from him (even though it was identical to the fish I’d given him)? The horror!

It’s an Abyworld. We just live in it.

Thanks to my Abyfriends Meg, Molly, Katie and Teresa, I’ve discovered Yahoo’s various Aby-related groups and mailing lists. And I have to say, I’ve already learned a lot from the discussions since I joined!

One of the groups I joined, Unusual Aby Cats is very active, and much of the discussion is about breeding, showing in the GCCF, TICA and FIFE in the UK and Europe, and the genetics of the “other” Aby colours (sex-link red, silvers, chocolates and torties) that aren’t common at all in the US and that aren’t recognised in the CFA.

A recent discussion involved the Test Mating Calculator on Abyworld, and oh, what a fun toy this is. Many of Jacoby’s ancestors are in the database, which makes the inbreeding coefficients useful when you compare two cats that were actually bred together. I need to play with this a little more, but it’s a really wonderful resource.