Aby-a-Day – November 15: You can lead a cat to water…

Ever since Jacoby had his second Urinary Crystal Incident, I have wanted to get a cat water fountain for the cats.


The last time we went to Petco, the very fountain I wanted, the Pioneer Pet Stainless Steel Fountain, just happened to be on sale!


I set it up just outside the kitchen, where we currently have one of their two watering stations set up. Then, I waited to see what would happen.


In a completely shocking turn of events, Jacoby was the first to investigate (What a surprise, I know).




Jake’s a huge fan of drinking out of the bathroom faucet, so I was very interested to see what he would do with the fountain. At first, he examined it thoroughly, but didn’t drink.


He was very interested in the little waterfall section.


Or, he was interested in his reflection on the shiny stainless steel. It was kind of hard to tell.


I was surprised he didn’t stick his hands in the water. He didn’t actually drink out of it during his preliminary reconnaissance mission; I think in part he wasn’t quite sure which side he was meant to drink from!

5 thoughts on “Aby-a-Day – November 15: You can lead a cat to water…

  1. My human has been wanting to get the ceramic version for us. I hate the kitty that lives in mirrors and inside stainless steel surfaces, which is why she doesn’t want to get the stainless steel version.


  2. We have that same fountain! Toki loves it. I was really excited when I first set it up. But for the first week, Toki completely ignored it and I was crushed. CRUSHED. Then suddenly one night he started to drink and I literally jumped up and down with happiness. Now he drinks a ton, from the top where the water comes out. I noticed a lot more clumps in the litter box so I know he drinks more than before. We’ve had it for about a year and it works great.


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