Other People’s Abys – Meet Cousin Roger

Yesterday, Jacoby got a Catster friend invite from another Instincts Aby named Roger.

Roger and his person wrote: “Hi, Toki’s mom said Jacoby’s dad is from Instincts. My Roger is from a 2008 Instincts litter. I haven’t tried a harness with him yet and I’m inspired by your photos! Best, Sarah”

Roger is about 6 months older than Jacoby…and isn’t he smart? Not only that, but he seems to also be a Hipstamaticat:

I wonder how closely he and Jake are related?

4 thoughts on “Other People’s Abys – Meet Cousin Roger

  1. Yay! I knew I had to bring the “family” together when I met Roger. It’s actually Jake’s mom that’s Instincts, right? But check out Roger in his spacesuit- thingy. That’s just all in the family 🙂
    I hope Roger does try a harness. Toki just LOVES going outside in his. But I think it’s so awesome how Jake rides the train and stuff. He is very cosmopolitan!


    1. LOL I thought that he was wearing a spacesuit! Then I was like…nahhhh…can’t be…

      Yes, Jake’s mom is Instincts Santa Catalina of Pellburn. So far, she’s had three kittens (that I know of) Grand. I don’t know if they’re all Grands in CFA (Jake’s two brothers Dillin and Buddy Guy are also registered with the Canadian Cat Association, as is Jake), but in the CFA, a female cat who has five kittens who go on to be Grands (Champions or Premiers) earns the Distinguished Merit award (it’s 15 kittens sired for a boycat). In the CCA, a female only needs to have three kittens (8 for a male) to earn the Elite Merit title. I don’t think Jake’s Grand counts towards Catalina’s CCA Elite Merit, because the awards are similar…but different.

      An Open cat only needs four Winners ribbons to become a Champion or Premier in the CCA (it was six in CFA up til this year; now it’s just six rings, and the cats start counting points to their Grand if they happen to beat any Champion or Premier). But the points needed to Grand are the same as CFA, at least for Grand Premiers: 75 points. They’re different for Grand Champions, though: 150 in the CCA vs 200 in the CFA.

      There are also a lot more titles in the CCA! There, a cat can earn points after Granding to become a Double Grand, Master Grand, and Supreme Master Grand, which is kind of fun. I do want to try a CCA show in Canada some time, because Jake is registered, so might as well use it…

      Okay, got carried away!


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