Aby-a-Day – November 19: The next best thing to going shopping with us

We don’t tend to go grocery shopping often, so when we do, we buy a lot of groceries. Our building has carts for residents to use to get things up the elevator and to our units.


This, as you might expect, is very exciting to the Abys.


As soon as the cart is brought in, Jacoby and Angel are right there, ready to investigate.


Even though it’s a trolly full of bags, they know there’s food in there.




Angel’s examination is more methodical. Jake’s idea of investigation is to chew as many of the bags as he can before I catch him and make him stop.


They are such helpful cats, aren’t they? Of course, they don’t help put anything away…

It’s official! Jacoby is certifiable!

Look what came in the mail yesterday:


It came with an insert with congratulations from the CFA, saying I must be “delighted and proud” that my cat recently Granded. Why yes, yes I am. I’m also pretty impressed at how quickly they sent his certificate.