Aby-a-Day – November 20: Carte blanche?

Jacoby seems to have a more intense interest in the “shopping cart” than the other cats, Angel included.



He’s not at all bashful about getting right up on the cart and into the bags.



Jake is a very thorough investigator.


Needless to say, we don’t let him get this “up close and personal” when we come home from shopping at Petco!

Other People’s Abys – With names like Sonny and Cher, you knew they’d be musical!

I found this as a “related video” on YouTube the other day…

The description says: Watch the first music video from the very musical cat band, The Mousoholics. It’s a song called “A Mouse a Day” from their album “Back from Rehab” (2010).

The song features Sonny and Cher (two Abyssinians) on drums and percussion (aka floorboard, cat flap, kibble, shrimp water and sand box) and Sonny, Cher, Mille and Molly on vocals. You’ll also see some amazing dance moves from Fat Freddie and Rassie!

You may recall that I posted about this dynamic duo last year…