Aby-a-Day – November 21: Hanging out at the cat show (Hipstamatic Monday)

One thing about cat shows is, there’s a lot of down time.


Luckily, since we keep it set up at home, Jacoby and Kylie both see their Sturdi-Shelter show cage as their home away from home.


Jake especially likes to watch the goings-on from the top bunk.


The only downside to their fondness of their “house” is they don’t always want to leave it when it’s time for them to go up to their rings!

The Most Beautiful Cat in the World

Thanks to Abyfriend Freecloud13 for this link to an Italian article about a Swedish Abyssinian who was just named Most Beautiful (Category 3) Cat in the World at the World Cat Show in Poznan, Poland the last weekend of October.

His full name is SC Brunnbäcken’s Pedram DVM, DSM


In English, it says: Anyone with a cat in the house is believed to be the most beautiful in the world. But, at least for the official results, the title belongs to him, emerald eyes and look between the proud and the curious, Negus is four years old and lives in Bastad, Sweden. The young Abyssinian was awarded the highest recognition a few days ago – in the category short haired neutered male – at the World Cat Show in Poznan, Poland. And now, within the warm walls of the house, posing for photographers with his family.

Please note, however, that the Italian article is incorrect in one detail: Negus is not neutered!

And (oh, you knew I was going to do this), Negus is distantly related to Jacoby! Not only is Negus’ paternal great-great grandfather Purrsynian Jambe Finite (who is also related to the Pouponette Gang, to whom Jake is related through Jambe’s great-great grandfather Bogeykat’s Brendan O’ Cork, but another of Negus’ great-great grandfathers, Allmykittens Mitchel‘s great-great grandfather was El Qahira’s Pegasus of Mellowmews…who is also of Jake’s grandfather, TJ’s great-great grandfather!

Is it just me, or have there been a lot of Abyssinians making the news this year?