Thanksgiving safety tips

While the holidays are a fun time for cats and people, they can be dangerous, too. I’ve seen some really good advice being posted on the various cat-related blogs this week, and I wanted to pass it along.

From Catster: 10 Ways to Avoid Kitty Disasters on Turkey Day

From PawCurious: Thanksgiving Food Dos and Don’ts For Your Pet.

And from Cat Fancy’s CatChannel: 3 Tips for a Happy, Healthy Thanksgiving with Cats.

Of course, it is perfectly fine to share some boneless, skinless bits of turkey with your cats…


…as if I could stop Jacoby from sharing!

I suppose I should add this one last holiday safety tip for Abyssinian people: Don’t let your cat get stuck inside the turkey!

Happy Turkey Day, everyone!

4 thoughts on “Thanksgiving safety tips

  1. Good warning. My Aya got pancreatitis after the cats got into our raw turkey a few years back. We had a fridge that didn’t always seal tight and I guess one of us missed that it was left cracked open. I got up the next morning to find our 7 lb. turkey drug out of the fridge onto the floor with the netting and plastic wrap chewed through and some of the turkey eaten. Of the four cats who I think were probably *all* involved in this endevour, everyone was fine except Aya who got sick a few days later. As a vet tech, I think I caught the symptoms really early, but even as it was, she nearly died. And she has had IBD ever since.

    I learned later that turkey/chicken skin is one of the most common causes of pancreatitis in dogs and cats. I tell this story to a lot clients this time of year. It’s amazing how many think that the skin is safe and a great treat for a pet.


        1. Yeah, it’s because there is so much fat in the skin. Especially before it is cooked, but it’s still very fatty even after it’s cooked. High fat foods are the things that most commonly cause pancreatitis. We think about things like turkey skin and bacon as pancreatitis-inducers. They think when Aya got it, she also got some salmonella from the raw turkey because she basically had a liver infection on top of everything else.


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