Aby-a-Day – November 25: He shoots, he scores! (Fashion Friday)

We were lucky enough to get tickets to today’s hockey game against the Detroit Red Wings today.


The meanies who run the Garden wouldn’t let us bring Jacoby to the game with us, but that didn’t stop him from dressing for the occasion.


Despite living in Boston, I actually had a really hard time finding Jake a Stanley Cup Champions T-shirt in his size!


I finally found him a shirt (and a bandana!) at SportsFanimals.com; they’re sold out of most sizes, but they’re a great company if you get the urge to dress up your kitty in some team gear.


Angel was very impressed with Jake’s outfit (at least, she didn’t hiss at him while he had it on)!

Other People’s Abys – Kittens inside and out

I’m on a couple of Abyssinian mailing lists, and one of these is very active and very international. The listmembers also share a lot of really fascinating photographs.

Susan Graham of Aksum Abyssinians shared these x-rays and photos of the litters of two sister Abys, Aksum Tiny Dancer, a chocolate, and Aksum Cheyenne of Blue River, a blue. The father of both these litters, as it happens, is the same male, Vivid V’Lane of Spiritcat, so all the kittens are cousins.

From Susan’s email: Here’s the photo of Dancer’s x-ray (above photo with drawings of where the kittens are, below photo without the drawings). And also the very first photo of Dancer’s fourth and last litter of kittens that I’m publishing. I’m pretty sure they are: ruddy male, ruddy female, chocolate female. 🙂 Yes, the x-rays have been correct every time so far. 🙂



Here is another recent x-ray we got done, on Dancer’s younger full sister Cheyenne, who also recently had kittens. Unfortunately, we couldn’t get one of them out fast enough, the kitten was breach and she didn’t make it. Cheyenne is a blue and the sire has produced blues, but she had three ruddy females, go figure! Anyway, here is the x-ray and it’s more like what you really see since a picture of it was taken with a better camera.


With Cheyenne, there were three kittens and two survived. All three were/are ruddy females. The two ruddy females are doing great! One of them had one eye open yesterday and I took a picture. The other eye opened today. They are so CUTE!! I adore kittens!!


With Dancer, there were three kittens and all three did fine. Dancer and Cheyenne are full sisters, but Dancer is a chocolate carrying cinnamon and dilute and Cheyenne is a blue (not sure if she carries chocolate or not yet, need to color test I suppose, but probably won’t because she is also a B blood type, ugghhh…). We’ll test Cheyenne’s and Dancer’s kittens instead in about three weeks, for blood type and color.



Between the two litters (born about a week apart, with Dancer now caring for all five), there are four ruddies (one male, three female) and one chocolate female. Talk about crowded! LOL!! Dancer is a little girl, which is why I named her Tiny Dancer. 😉 She looks a bit overwhelmed, poor girl, but she just purrs away, she is such a great mom!




I just find it so incredibly cool to see x-rays of unborn kittens and then photographs of the same kittens after they’re born.

Susan also posted x-rays of another of her pregnant females, Alexy Blue Cream Sky of Aksum, a blue-cream torbie.



There are only two kittens in Sky’s belly. Here’s how she looks on the outside:



Isn’t she lovely? Blue-cream Abys aren’t recognised in CFA, and they’re more common in Europe; Susan is one of the few breeders in the US breeding sex-linked reds and torbies (I say “torbies” rather than “torties,” since all Abys are, technically, tabbies). You can see the subtle patching of blue and cream in these photos of Sky. It’s said that torties are “crazy,” perhaps because of the mosaic genetics that produces their motley coat. We all know what Abyssinians are like…I wonder if a torbie Aby is a special kind of crazy?

One more interesting little thing I discovered: Dancer’s paternal great-grandfather was Paranor’s Panamaniac of Devande. Paranor’s Panamaniac of Devande is also Jacoby’s maternal great-grandfather! Once again, the Aby world is a small one!

Abys in Need – Saint Anne needs a home

I got this email yesterday via one of my Aby mailing lists, and I think this is just…sad.


“Hello, we live in Florida and have an Abyssinian who needs a new home. Saint Anne is 5 1/2 yrs old, sweet and loving, but will only use a litter box, not a toilet. Using a litter box is not an option for us, so after three years of trying to train her to the toilet and failing, we must give her up.”

Call Rocky Torres at 813-263-3871 and/or email: rojerthat@hotmail.com


Saint Anne seems like a real sweetheart who gets along with other cats and is only a year older than Angel. She’s currently in Tampa, FL and apparently her only crime is she only uses a litter box and not (GASP!) a human toilet. If you know of anyone who’d like to add a pretty girl to their family, the contact information is above.