Abys in Need – Saint Anne needs a home

I got this email yesterday via one of my Aby mailing lists, and I think this is just…sad.


“Hello, we live in Florida and have an Abyssinian who needs a new home. Saint Anne is 5 1/2 yrs old, sweet and loving, but will only use a litter box, not a toilet. Using a litter box is not an option for us, so after three years of trying to train her to the toilet and failing, we must give her up.”

Call Rocky Torres at 813-263-3871 and/or email: rojerthat@hotmail.com


Saint Anne seems like a real sweetheart who gets along with other cats and is only a year older than Angel. She’s currently in Tampa, FL and apparently her only crime is she only uses a litter box and not (GASP!) a human toilet. If you know of anyone who’d like to add a pretty girl to their family, the contact information is above.

47 thoughts on “Abys in Need – Saint Anne needs a home

  1. that is so- mean. of them. after 5 years don’t they feel any sort of love and attachment to her?
    I will post a diary entry on catster about her- I bet there are lots of people who would love to have her. I wish I could, but it’s too far away and my place is so small it would be impossible to bring another cat home.


    1. What kills me the most, I think, is that the one photo, of her peeking her head out from under the blankets? It’s called “New baby” with the date. How do yu go from “new baby” to “she won’t use the toilet, just the litter box (like a normal cat) so we need to rehome her?


  2. I just wrote about it in Toki’s diary, and asked if anyone near Tampa wanted to give her a home. I tried not to be too angry sounding but I couldn’t help saying that it was sad and unbelievable. 😦 Those people are just COLD.


  3. The owners should be ashamed! If they have children, did they give them to someone until the kids learned how to use the toilet? These are the types of people that should never own pets! Sad doesn’t begin to describe pet owners like this!


  4. Absolutely appalling! It never ceases to amaze me how horrible some people can be. I hope this kitty finds a much better, more loving home. I emailed my friend who lost an Aby this summer, maybe she can take her.


    1. I haven’t heard anything…I’ll see if I can find anything out from the list but the person who shared it may not know…I think the person who posted it was just boosting the signal.

      I suppose we could email the owner…


        1. Oh, that just means spreading the word…I’m not sure that the person who posted about St. Anne actually knows her person, either, but she is part of an Aby rescue network.


  5. Thank you Talonvaki and Christina, thank you. If you don’t get an answer or some hassle, can you please let me know. This cat is a beautiful “Saint” who obviously needs to be rescued and these folks should not be allowed to have any cats at all. Christina, if you call, just ask them if they still have the cat, how much do they want and where you can get her.
    Waiting on pins and needles. It is 7:12 AM here in CA so I just got your message! Good luck.


  6. I just lost my ruddy boy, Feisal, and I think this is horrible! I wish I could help but we’re just full right now. I miss having a ruddy Aby about the house … I’d adopt her in a heartbeat if I could! I hope she gets a new BETTER home soon!


  7. I haven’t heard back from my friend who lost the Aby but she may be out of town for the weekend and not near a computer. I did send the link for this out to about 300 of my newsletter readers. Everyone is super mad about this and so many wish they were closer or had room! There were also some words directed at the owners of this cat that I cannot repeat here but you get the message, I’m sure others would like to say a few choice words also. I know I would.


  8. I sure hope this “guy” doesn’t do anything stupid after he’s been told a few choice words. His # is a cell phone and don’t know too much about his email address. I know he is close to Tampa in a possible town called Lutz. Im on west coast so I have no idea where that is.


    1. No I doubt highly anyone I know would actually say those things TO him. Their main concern is the kitty and they wouldn’t do anything to jeopardize her safety. Sorry, I meant they said those things to me about how they felt. No need to worry, they’re careful. They only care about the sweet kitty.


  9. Hi there. I’m in Tampa, and I tried to contact these people but did not reach them at that number. Left a message, though, and we’ll see if I hear back. I have three cats and two dogs and cannot keep her long term, but I would be willing to foster her briefly to try to get her into either a private rescue or a forever home. I can be reached at tuckertellsall@gmail.com or 813-690-8115


      1. So they’re just saying this NOW? And jeez! If it’s so easily treatable why don’t they just do what everyone else does and hold an auction on Facebook or something. I don’t get it and I don’t trust these people frankly.


  10. Are they changing their story? I agree with Lisa, I don’t trust them, it sounds like a fraud or animal abuse. Anyone in FL know if animal control is good and progressive and could handle these idiots? I will call them if I have to.


  11. My abi cat died at 15 in August, please don’t let this one go through many fosters! I would take her if someone pays the transport (would be by plane since it is very far) to Québec, Montréal. If you don’t find a forever home, please tell me! 450-451-4506
    Sylvie Bellemare


  12. Like Sylvie, if the cat can make it to Michigan, I’d take her in an instant! (Or if some rescue takes her and needs a little for treatment, I would be happy to help!)


  13. People, I would urge you to seriously follow-up on this for the sake of the safety of this cat. Today I had a long conversation about St. Anne and her predicament with a friend who lives in FL and has been in contact w/the posters of the original appeal, and according to available info on her and her humans, we seriously believe this is a SCAM. Why? I’ll give you a few reasons… First of all, unlike the justification for wanting to dump this stunning cat stated above–the idiotic ‘can’t train to use a human toilet’ claim–they gave a different excuse to my friend, and you won’t believe this: ‘She has a parasite (intestinal), most likely from birth, that they can’t afford to treat’…. WHAAAT?!!!!!!!!! They’ve had this cat for 5.5 yrs and it sounds like they’ve never taken her to a vet; unless these pix are of another cat, no cat suffering for years from a parasite that causes chronic dehydrating diarrhea will be this gorgeous.

    Secondly, apparently they acquired her from a ‘breeder’; now, in fairness, although these are not inexpensive animals, she might have been a gift–and therefore maybe the onus is on the breeder in question, as what responsible breeder will bequeath one of the exquisite fruits of their efforts to incompetent ‘parents’–additionally, most breeders have a lifetime applicable caveat that asks the purchasers to return the animal to THEM, for any reason, as opposed to just giving the animal away–reselling–or otherwise dumping.

    Thirdly, they told my friend that they can’t afford to keep or treat her–and btw, they didn’t have the ‘parasite’, which we’re betting is fictitious, properly diagnosed, nor do they even know the name of said parasite! My friend offered to have her treated by her vet–she hasn’t heard from the people since she made that offer–and a couple of other topics arose that make it sound like they’re looking to make some $dough off of St. Anne. So apparently, their excuses waiver between not having the means to take care of her and frustration over her not being toilet-trained!

    If anybody on this page lives close enough to these people (Tampa FL) to do some direct sleuthing–PLEASE DO! I’m very concerned for this girl’s safety 😦


    1. Is it just me or does the name Rocky Torres sound familiar? Like an actor or something, like this guy made up the name? I could be stretching now but this is bothering me too. I will tell you that my friend who just lost her Abby named Maggie this summer, got her from a breeder she THOUGHT was reputable and poor little thing had a parasite that turned into IBD and then she had respiratory issues and then at 3 years old this summer she died from FIP. So you never know, even if a breeder sounds good or can even come with good recommendations.

      I do however feel stupid now and am wondering when will I learn about people like this on the web? Sheesh! I guess they will just continue to take advantage of those of us that love animals enough to do anything for them.


      1. I’m amazed at how this has exploded! I will send an email to the person who posted this to the list originally and see if she knows anything.

        And I’m proof of how a breeder can be reputable: Jake’s half-brother Gun-Hee and his littermate Rusty both got FIP within, literally, days of each other. And these are the only two cats of hers that have had FIP so far. Their mother died of sudden liver poisoning shortly after (poison is suspected), and their father was out in the cat-safe, cat-proof-fenced backyard on a warm March day, and managed to get out of the yard by running up a snow pile (who would have thought there’d be a snow pile when cats would be outside?)…and that one time, was hit by a car and killed. And another kitten was in his new home, about 8 years old, being babysat while his people were on their honeymoon. It was Easter, and the cat sitter (one of the people’s mother) was given an Easter bouquet which included a lily. The kitten played with the flowers…and ate part of the lily and died.

        Angel’s breeder was reputable, too (I don’t know all the details). She showed her Abys at shows, so she was registered with CFA or TICA (or both). But then her mother died, too many cats had kittens at once, and then they got URIs, ringworm and FIP. I guess it was sort of perfect storm and she couldn’t deal with it, which is how the rescue got involved.

        And then, too, remember Jake got his foot caught in an escalator when he was with me. I’m not saying they’re not scammers, but things do happen.

        I don’t get the lack of vet care, either, to be honest, but some people don’t go to the doctor themselves, let alone take their pets to vets. I adopted a red-point Siamese, retired Grand Champion, CFA registered, 6 years old. She hadn’t been to the vet in years. She was healthy, apart from a mouth full of rotten teeth…but yeah, how can you not take your cat to the vet?

        Are they asking for money for her? You’re right, this whole thing is odd.


    2. Wow! Awesome points, thank you. You are completely correct, though: a breeder, a good breeder, always wants to know what happens to their cats. I still send Tessie’s breeder updates on her, 6 years later. And they’ll always take their cats back or help with rehoming.

      Apparently, parasite is tricky to diagnose, treat, and get rid of, and cats don’t always show any symptoms (I love that I found an Aby breeder’s experience with this). It doesn't affect their eating or their activity. So at least that part of the story has a ring of truth. I'm actually wondering now if Jake and Angel's somewhat chronic loose stools are being caused by this parasite…

      I'm impressed at how much info you were able to find out, though.

      I do want to email the person who sent out the email to the list, now.


      1. Well I run a website for cats with chronic GI disorders. My cat Alex (not an Abby) died fro Triaditis (IBD, pancreatitis and fatty liver). You can see Maggie’s story on my site if you’d like on this page: http://ibdkitties.net/MaggieD.html. The whole thing still pains me, I never would have thought she’d go like this. Her IBD was stable and under control and usually for any kitty with IBD, you have a lot of problems getting stable. Sigh. Let me know if I can help you with their stool issues. I know a lot about this stuff and NO it doesn’t mean it’s IBD, but there are many reasons for those loose stools starting with diet! GRAINS are pure sugar and carbs and I cannot tell you how many people write to me every week with this kind of problem. Cats are developing allergies, food intolerance and GI diseases at an alarming rate. And it starts with food!


        1. I meant to respond to this earlier – I’ll definitely check out your site. Maggie’s story is so tragic…FIP is just an awful disease. My condolences. In our case it was so so fast…June 1, Gun-Hee was fine, June 10, he seems to have lost weight, June 20, take him to the vet…June 28, he died.

          Our guys eat pretty well; right now, Jake is on UT prescription food (I use all the brands: Royal Canin, Purina, Hills and Iams) and Kylie is on Hills a/d because she’s not eating enough (very picky eater).

          But in general, we feed Blue Wilderness and canned food with no grain. Although they do love Friskies and get it as an occasional “treat,” they mainly get the good stuff.

          Angel did have Giardia and we treated all four of them, so I do wonder if that could come back.


          1. Well, I don’t believe in using prescription food unless ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY necessary and they won’t eat anything else or can’t. Those brands you named are some of the biggest reasons cats are in epidemic mode for these diseases. The amount of corn, gluten, wheat, barley, JUNK which is pure sugar was never meant to be in a cat’s diet!

            Always remember: a cat never runs into the corn field to eat the corn. It runs into the field to eat the mouse that ate the corn. Predigested grains are normal and fine for an obligate carnivore. NOT eating a ring ding or a krispy kreme donut. And that’s basically what’s going on with those foods.


  14. Tuckers’ mom and/or Christina: I am in CA, can you please tell me what the animal control folks are like in Tampa, are they just so so or aggressive and can pursue to see if these people may be “abusing” this kitty or is just a plan ole scam, which is beginning to sound more like it.
    Who was the one who received the original email, is it someone in this group who can verify they got this from a legit source?
    Even though I am in CA, for some reason this is bothering me a lot and I don’t know why I need to have it resolved to a happy ending. I agree with Betsys’ logic and statements.
    If I lived close, I would not only sleuth, I’d go rescue the cat and/or other cat’s they may have control of.
    As far as I know, this is info I found:
    Rocky R Torres
    24706 Volterra Ct
    Lutz, FL 33559-7363
    Age: 35-39
    Associated: Jerri A Torres
    Tampa, FL (2008)
    Im pretty sure it is him anyway….the Phone # listed on the post is a cell from Tampa.


    1. I don’t know much about Tampa; my inlaws live in that area (Bradenton and Sun City Center), and I know there is a problem down there with seniors dying and their children or other family just “get rid” of the deceased’s best friend. Often, they just let the cat go. It’s a cat, it’s Florida, there’s lots of birds and things, it’s warm, the cat’ll be fine, right. Yeah….no. But that seems to be a really common thing that happens down there.

      I’m really impressed with everyone’s sleuthing, though.


      1. well this is ridiculous. I wonder if that cat even exists! I’m beginning to think this whole thing is a giant scam. I wonder if they stole those pictures from someone and used them.


          1. We haven’t heard anything at all in what 2 weeks? So I don’t know anymore. Sheesh. Problem is we love animals so much that there are plenty of us that will fall for these things and just react the initial posting, which we did! sigh. Well, I actually do hope that the kitty is not really theirs. That will make me feel better if it IS a scam.


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